Report: Strong Possibility Rams Coach Sean McVay Leaves NFL Coaching At End Of Season

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It feels like yesterday when Sean McVay — who is only 36 — was constantly talked about one of the most innovative young minds in the NFL.

He proved that to be true by leading the Rams to a Super Bowl victory last season, but according to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, McVay’s future as a NFL coach is in limbo and there’s a very real chance he will walk away at the conclusion of the season.

Schefter stated multiple sources confirmed McVay’s uncertain future on Saturday. Those sources believe McVay will take some time after Sunday’s regular-season finale against the Seattle Seahawks to determine whether he will return in 2023.

According to the ESPN piece, there are a variety of factors that play into the uncertainty surrounding the future of the Rams’ coach.

“McVay has gone back and forth on the decision and needs time to get away to process all that has transpired over the past year: winning a Super Bowl, being courted to work in television, getting married, watching his wife’s home country of Ukraine invaded, losing his grandfather and then coaching a team that has fallen short of its expectations,” Schefter said in the report.

Will Sean McVay transition to the broadcast booth?

Last year, McVay turned down an absurd amount of money from Amazon and chose to return to the Rams instead of trying his hand in broadcasting.

Earlier this week, McVay was once again linked to a potential new role in the broadcast booth — and coming off his worst season as a NFL head coach — his tone has appeared to change.

A report this week said broadcasters are eyeing McVay for a role as a game or studio analyst starting with the 2023 season. On Friday, McVay was asked about that report and acknowledged “that’s something I’ve been interested in” pursuing at some point and called the mutual interest from broadcasters “flattering.”

Here’s a video from Friday where McVay was asked about the latest report and his response–and body language– spoke volumes.

Sean McVay addresses the latest rumors about his future

While it would feel almost unprecedented for a coach of his caliber to step away from the profession at such a young age, it certainly feels like there’s a chance McVay won’t be coaching in the NFL in 2023, but we will have to wait a week or two to see how it all plays out.

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