Sean McVay Gets Blasted In The Face, Shows No Ill-Effects In Crazy, All-Out Sideline Sprint To Call Timeout

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What if told you that the hardest hit in the Rams-Chiefs game occurred on the sidelines and that Los Angeles head coach Sean McVay was on the receiving end of it?

You’d think that’d be a weird thing to say unless you happened to be watching the broadcast.

The Rams have had a tough season, and one heck of a Super Bowl hangover, but this is just adding injury to injury.

Tight end Roger Carter Jr. is the guy who is going to owe his coach a steak dinner once McVay regains the ability to chew. The Rams head coach could be seen working his jaw on the sidelines after taking the shot.

Carter was elevated from the practice squad on Saturday, and he didn’t waste any time making sure the coach knew his name. There’s no way McVay forgets the name “Roger Carter Jr.” after that.

Actually, he might. He might forget a lot of things after getting his bell rung like that.

McVay took a hit big enough to land a player — let alone a coach — in concussion protocol.

McVay seemed to be OK

However, it wasn’t enough to make Sean McVay quit on his team. Nope. Later that half he was hoofing it down the sidelines like nobody’s business to call a timeout.

That’s a leader. That’s how you win the Super Bowl.

…Not this season though. Definitely not this season.

The Rams headed to the locker room trailing the Chiefs by 10 at the half.

Meanwhile, McVay probably tried to hunt down an ice pack and a couple of Tylenol before the start of the second half.

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