Seahawks QB Geno Smith Accused Police Officer Of Having A Little D*ck

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Early Monday morning, Seahawks backup QB Geno Smith was arrested on suspicion of DUI. However, the booze didn’t just take him for a loose ride through Washington. It also allegedly gave Smith a bit too much liquid courage.

Hours after Seattle’s season finale win over Arizona, police stopped Smith, who was speeding and driving erratically. When officers confronted Smith about his driving, he verbally berated him and accused him of having a “little dick.”

In documents obtained by TMZ, an officer stated: “I joked with him about how my wife thinks I work too much. Somehow he said that’s because ‘you have a little d–k.’ I said, ‘Wow, maybe that is the problem.’ Then he said, ‘You have a little dick, you have little dick syndrome.’”

Smith was stopped for driving 96 mph in a 60 mph zone. He initially agreed to participate in a field sobriety test but then failed to comply. After refusing both a breathalyzer and blood test, Smith was placed under arrest, triggering his diarrhea of the mouth.

“I’ll f–k every one of y’all up,” Smith told officers. “You don’t want to see me out of these cuffs. You don’t want to know what will happen.”

Roughly eight hours later, Smith was released from jail, and the sober reality of his arrest prompted the quarterback to tweet: “Being arrested brings a taint onto the reputation that is impossible to undo, no matter what really happened. I’m asking all of you to hold back on judging me the same as you would do for a friend or family member. I’ll have more to say down the road & ask that you bare with me.”

Smith likely wasn’t the first, nor will he be the last, to discuss dick and taint at an inappropriate moment after a night of too much alcohol. Next time though, he should crash on the couch or call an Uber and spare the rest of us the genitalia talk.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. I was detained by a Port of Houston Authority police officer when I called him an “ass” after he ignored my question about an evacuation situation.

    Four other police officers came to the scene after I was detained. I was cycling at the time, so had no weapons.

    I still see that faux cop from time to time while riding. He’s still there because no reputable police force would hire him.

  2. I got popped for 30 over in the AZ that’s criminal cop told me you know I can tow your car and arrest you I said yes sir he just gave me a ticket and let me go moral is keep your yap shut be polite and you prolly get a good outcome.

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