Seahawks’ First Rounder Says He Wants Special Gift For Mom; She Responds With Top Pick on Wishlist

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One of the first no-brainer purchases for an NFL rookie is buying mom a new house with the team’s first direct deposit.

Seahawks first-round pick Charles Cross — OT out of Mississippi State — is already mulling over his first big purchase now that he’s a top-10 NFL pick.

“I’ma do something for my mom,” Cross said after the no. 9 pick was announced by Seattle.

Cross’ mother wasn’t so coy over her first pick using Seattle’s money.

She told the NFL media that the first item on her wishlist is a new house — where she can watch Cross’ games every Sunday.

“A home. Just a nice home,” Cross’ mother, Owedia Cross, said via TMZ.

Adding upon the duties that cultivate NFL prospects — whether it’s years of driving the young players to practice or washing off grass stains from equipment — mothers always find a way to work behind the scenes to make their respective rookies stand out.

The draft’s No. 2 overall pick, Aidan Hutchinson, received help from his mom on draft night.

Mama Hutchinson was credited with sewing entries from Aidan’s journal for the past five years; many focused on his dream to reach the NFL.

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