Scottie Pippen Continues His Scorched Earth Tour, Calls Phil Jackson Racist

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Scottie Pippen holds nothing back once again, this time firing a major shot at his former head coach Phil Jackson.

Last week, Pippen spoke with GQ Magazine, and Monday morning, the former Chicago Bulls star appeared on The Dan Patrick Show. During his appearance, Pippen discussed his time playing for Jackson and accused his former head coach of being a racist.

Pippen’s comments came in response to a question about the 1994 playoff game against the New York Knicks, during which Jackson drew up a play for Toni Kukoc. Pippen refused to enter the game as a result, though Kukoc hit the game-winning shot, the Spun reports.

“By saying it was a racial move, then you’re calling Phil Jackson a racist…” Patrick said.

“I don’t have a problem with that,” Pippen responded. “Do you think Phil was?” Patrick asked. “Oh yeah,” Pippen said.

Pippen brought up some other examples from Jackson’s time with the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant, which can be seen in the clip.

Jackson, 75, was the Bulls’ head coach from 1989-98 and went on to be the Lakers’ head coach from 1999-2004 and 2005-11.

Pippen played 17 NBA seasons, winning six championships with the Chicago Bulls.

Written by Megan Turner

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  1. If anything in life goes the way you don’t want it to, just claim racism…and the media will go along with it, Pippen needs to find something useful to do with his time.

  2. I have always held Scotty Pippen in high regard. It is a shame the current social climate encourages him to be bitter, and hateful. It must be a miserable life being a victim of being overpaid, over glorified and under appreciated. I feel real bad for Scotty. No real significant episode here. I would recommend Scotty get a new barber. Just sayin’

  3. So when Phil drew up thousands of plays for Jordan and then later on for Kobe, he’s not a racist. But he doesn’t draw up a play for the Migraine Baby and then suddenly he is. Scottie, I feel bad for you. Sounds like last summer’s Last Dance has really messed with you

  4. Just another black multi millionaire celebrity status yet still not good enough also very fortunate to play on team with the great one MJ in his prime nobody should give these ignorant kool aid drinking fools the time a day I must say just go fuck yourself clown.

  5. The zen master was a camera loving hippie multimillionaire who had his favorites who had his reasons for giving the final shot to TK, but it ultimately worked.

    Not gonna lie… I’m fine sitting on the sideline and watching these woketards cannibalize each other.

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