Scorned Big 12 Members Using Their Parental Big Words For Texas, OU Exit

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You may want to send the kids to the other room before reading this.

After getting whiplash from this week’s headlines surrounding Texas and Oklahoma’s pending exit from the Big 12, the remaining teams in the conference NOT headed to the SEC are quite ticked off by the news — even using the “p” word, which in this case, doesn’t stand for Paaawwwll!

According to a report from The Athletic, the remaining Big 12 schools expressed that they are “pissed at Texas and disappointed in Oklahoma” for wanting to withdraw from the conference.

As the landscape of football approaches some major realignment in the coming week, the distaste for change coming from teams on the outside will surely serve as a side effect in forming what appears to be a super conference in the SEC. The rest of the Big 12 is left with an even bigger void to fill as the two powerhouse programs are on their way to extend the division to 16 teams.

But the Big 12 programs aren’t the only schools irritated by the change. As reported by OutKick‘s Clint Lamb, Texas A&M scheduled a meeting with the SEC set for Monday to discuss “possible action” regarding OU and UT’s move. Reports of other marquee football programs allegedly leaving the ACC and Big 10 conferences surfaced on Friday, meaning the SEC will have to brace itself for a busy week ahead.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. I don’t want them in the SEC either honestly. It’s not that the conference wouldn’t benefit “on paper”, but this move is all out of place when thinking about these two storied programs. They have their own history and traditions prior to the SEC they need to honor and maintain. They need to work it out with the big 12 and fix this. I am not for this apparent move towards super conferences, because your basically uprooting and destroying generations of football identity, history and tradition. College football is selling its soul obsessively chasing $$$. Pump the brakes.

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