School Principal Steps Down After Sending $100,000 To ‘Elon Musk’ – Turns Out It Was A Scammer

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A Florida charter school principal stepped down after sending $100,000 to an Internet scammer that claimed they were Elon Musk.

To be fair, Elon Musk sounds a lot more legitimate than one of those Nigerian princesses that keep hitting me up.

Jan McGee, who heads Burns Science and Technology Charter School said that the scammer claimed they would invest millions of dollars into the school in exchange for the large sum of money.

The best part is?

“Elon” wanted Principal McGee to send the money upfront, because of course they did.

I can only imagine McGee responding to the absurd request.

“Sure no problem! Would you like that via Venmo, Paypal, Bitcoin, or a check to the random P.O.Box you provided?”

Who could resist THIS guy offering you and your school money in exchange for you paying them first!

A principal resigned after being scammed by someone claiming to be Elon Musk (Photo by Britta Pedersen-Pool/Getty Images)


Don’t you just love when our trusted superiors turn out to be absolute idiots?

I feel like we’ve become numb to our politicians being not only corrupt, but also not so bright. But when you have a principal of a school – whose job is to ya know, not send money on the Internet to random individuals, we may have a problem.

Turns out that McGee was so adamant that she was talking to the real Elon Musk, that she refused to listen to colleagues who told her she was being swindled, according to those in attendance at a school board meeting.

During that same meeting she also claimed that the Musk impersonator had “groomed her,” and decided to elaborate on what that meant to attendees. “Grooming is when you talk to somebody and you believe in them, and they get you to trust them that this is really real, and so I fell for it,” McGee told the audience.

Talk about taking catfishing not just to another level, but to another planet – maybe even Musk’s favorite, Mars!

Principal Jan McGee resigned after falling for an Internet scam. (Facebook: Jan Mcfee)

Gotta love when people are so hell-bent on being right, that they lose all sense of…well, common sense.

Fortunately, the school’s business manager had at least some competence and flagged the peculiar transaction before the money was never to be seen from again.

Maybe Principal Mcgee thought she was direct messaging with ELON Musk, but really it was EiON Music. That “L” and “I” can be confusing.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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