School District Has Teachers Fill Out ‘Privilege Pie Chart’

A Washington state school district forced teachers to undergo privilege training with the help of a pie chart, because apparently the best way to examine a complex, nuanced issue like socio-economics is with Crayons and a worksheet.

One exercise in the Tumwater School District’s training demanded that teachers color in sections of a pie according to their outward identities. Privileged identities included whiteness, cisgender masculinity, class background, heterosexuality, and Christian beliefs (author’s note: Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the entire world, per the BBC in 2019).

A whistleblowing teacher, who spoke under anonymity for fear of losing her job, relayed the information to a local advocacy group.

“We were asked to examine our privilege,” the teacher said. “The more we colored in, the more privileged we were, and the less color you had on the pie chart, the less privileged you were.”

Apparently the training session elicited awkward, dumbfounded silence by the teachers, most of whom were scared to speak up for fear of retribution.

“Because everyone was terrified to contribute to the discussion we were supposed to be having, lest we offend someone with one of the many micro-aggressions we had just learned about, the room was awkwardly silent for most of the time. The thing is, we started with these norms about respect of others’ views, etc., but we all knew darn well that if anyone like me shared their views on it, we would be shunned,” the teacher said.

The presentation also delved into leftist talking points like the ‘Pyramid of White Supremacy’ and ‘restorative justice,’ both of which aim to frame liberal outrage as a modern-day necessity to right the wrongs of past generations. As with all leftist doctrines, it’s a slippery slope of circular logic that tries to fix old (perceived) disparities by creating new ones.

Written by TK Sanders


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