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They’re throwing around ‘Bomb Cyclone’ going into a huge travel day when I’m supposed to be on the road and now I’m desperate for a Pinpoint® Forecast

Look, I don’t want to get too dramatic this morning, but this is going to be a real challenge for those of us traveling over Christmas weekend. My plan was to drive two hours south down I-75 Friday after hammering out a day of work, but the local weather guy has a ‘No Travel’ red box weather alert set for 5 p.m. Friday.

Typically, I would just ignore local weather guy, but he has my attention with 50 mph wind gusts whipping across I-75 in areas flat as a sheet of plywood. I remember driving through Bowling Green, OH one time in a complete whiteout and I’m good. Don’t need another experience like that in my life.

Good luck to everyone in the same boat this week. May there not be any arguments over gift wrapping and packing the car. May Mrs. Screencaps have everything done for Christmas morning four days ahead of time because we typically get home at midnight on Christmas Eve and she isn’t in the mood to do anything at that hour.

How do you get your grill to the correct temp in extreme cold?

I have a reader who needs some advice from the grilling experts out there. Look at that map. We have people who aren’t used to the cold who will want to grill this weekend. They need tips and tricks to get the job done in extreme weather. Help them.


Meyer lemon tree update

• Paul T. writes:

Checking in from central Texas. I would like to give an update on my Meyer lemon tree I picked up on way home after learning of my father-in-law passing in March. He gifted me a tree a few years earlier and my pups shredded. I showed them new one and asked they leave this one alone…they did. Nine months later and I harvested 7 beautiful lemons. My mother in law suggested I make limoncello and thanks to YouTube and an additional 25 organic lemons I made 3 batches and about 9 liters. I am giving them as gifts to friends and family.

I would like to thank all the screencaps family for another year of friendship and genuine care for each other. The debates and observations mixed in with witty banter makes this the best  place to allow good people to gather! 

A couple observations on recent and not-so-recent screencaps topics…regarding shrimp I only go by the count no matter what they call it. I only buy wild gulf shrimp since it is closest to me….not a chili snob and make great Texas chili…the best kind is the one you like…we moved to Houston from Syracuse almost 50yrs ago and my mom had only been to clam bakes etc…my parents got invited to a chili cook off and my mom asked for a recipe that I still make  today…never been hungry enough to cook a steak in air fryer…

How about those Lions…been a kinda closet Lions fan…being a longtime Oilers/Titans fan since 1973…I know heartbreak…giving up a 98-yard drive against Elway Broncos team then being up 35-3 to a Jim Kelly less Bills early 90’s team still gets to me… Buddy Ryan popping offensive coordinator on sidelines the following year when they made a washed up Joe Montana look like well Joe Montana…my son is lifetime (he turned 21 yesterday) Texan fan…whenever he complains about never winning anything I remind him of Lions fans who have been around 60 plus years and only have 1 playoff win in that time…which really seems impossible.

I’m sure Bengals, Browns and Bills and others would show Texans fans where the back of the line starts…when people ask me who I like I’ll say Titans and that our motto is…”there’s always next year”….being 54 I am running out of next years…last years debacle having number 1 seed and home field for only the 2nd time in over 20yrs…2000 Raven put the wood to the Titans that year…and Tannehill shits the bed when his 1st and last passes were picked off…sacked Joe Cool I think 9 times which feels like about 18…dang starting to feel like bitter old man and I’m far from it!

Merry Christmas screencap friends!

Looking forward to another TNML season about to start…gonna fertilize this week…my father-in-law told me to fertilize with the change of each season…

Memphis buns

• Ron S. gives a possible explanation on the truck in Memphis hauling hamburger buns:

So I now live in rural AR not too far from Memphis, and a lot of guys around here go to the day-old bread store to pick up whatever they have to take out in the boonies and try to attract wild pigs… bread, honey buns, cupcakes, whatever…

Another great Battery Daddy success story

• Ted K. writes:

Long time, first time. I purchased my Battery Daddy a few months ago, best thing ever. Fast forward to last week, where I had to purchase a white elephant exchange gift for a work-related party that I attended. Didn’t hesitate a second, picked one up at Costco while on the way, problem solved.

There are 40 folks involved, seems like everyone but me brought a nice bottle of booze for the exchange. Once the Battery Daddy was uncovered initially, there was a gasp from the crowd…. what is it, I love it, I gotta have it!

Needless the say it was swapped the maximum 3 times in literally 5 turns. Forget the Crown, Makers, or other top-shelf liquors available, Battery Daddy was the hit of the party. Since I already have one, I scored a nice bottle of Ole Smokey Mango Habanero shine to sip over the weekend, WINNER!

Christmas festivities in Uzes, France

• Mike T. writes:

Rocking Christmas carols in French, it’s got to be the suits

• Mike T. adds:

Pont du Gard Roman via duct to supply Nimes France with water. Construction started 50 BC.

Holiday deflation for items not going into your stomach

According to the government, poultry is up 13% over last year’s prices; Ham is up 8%; Cookies, cakes, and cupcakes are up 18%. If you like beef roast, you’re in luck. It’s one of the few food items to be down in price year-over-year (down 8.1%).

Is this wrong?

No. In fact, I want more of this from random schools where you’d least expect big NIL money to show up. I want some billionaire to decide it’s time for a MAC school to compete for a national title (before the Power 5 conferences block the MAC from a billionaire buying his way to a title).

Yes, I went to a MAC school (Toledo), but it doesn’t have to be Toledo supported by a billionaire. It would be incredible if all of a sudden some guy who hit the MegaMillions for $2.6 billion decides it’s time for Kent State to be a national power.

I want Kent State in a 12-team playoff and going on a run with hired guns like the Florida Marlins winning the 1997 World Series over the Indians.

If you’re of the belief that college football is worse off now that coaches are publicly using cars and shoulder bags as recruiting tools, you’re not being honest about where the sport has been for the last 40 years.

College football will be even better with NIL and an expanded playoff. Just hang in there and refuse to get too emotional over this stuff.

Deion recruiting tactics

The wokes were convinced Twitter would die

I guess Elon Musk wasn’t the death of that social media app. Stop and think about the soccer community inside the U.S. It’s filled with woke lib libs trying to be hardo European soccer fans with chants and throwing their scarves into the air.

Now think of the nationality of most Twitter users. You’re right! It’s the U.S. with 77 million users.

In other words, the wokes didn’t go anywhere and now Elon has a huge number to go out and show to advertisers.

And with that, let’s get rolling. I need to look at some Pinpoint® Forecasts to get prepared for the end of the week. Enjoy those holiday lunch parties at your office. Make it a double roast beef and cheddar. Really live it up this year.


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