Savage OnlyFans Model Slides Into The DMs Of The Husbands Of Her Haters

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It’s easy to drop a nasty comment on social media and think nothing of it. Doing so could end up with the recipient of those nasty comments sliding into your significant other’s DMs and giving your relationship a test. That’s exactly what one OnlyFans model has decided to do.

OnlyFans model Roxy Stylez took to her TikTok account and its more than half a million followers to document her entire revenge tour. She posted the first video captioned “you might wanna take a seat” a couple of weeks ago. In it she lays out her savage plans.

“I’m going to message some girls’ husbands. And I’m going to show you the responses,” she said.

“To all you women who thought it was such a good idea to comment on my video nasty things, this goes out to you, I am going to find your husbands today.”

Without wasting anytime she got right to work. She found, followed, and messaged the significant others of four of the commenters.


🙊 you might wanna take a seat

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Be careful out there in the comment section

The comment section of the video was pretty supportive of Roxy’s decision to message the husbands of her haters. That could be for a couple of reasons, you know maybe they don’t want her coming after their husbands. But it did appear as if they genuinely enjoyed what she was doing.

A few days after her original video laying out her plans, she had an update. Of the four men she reached out to, two of them responded.

In the follow-up video Roxy read the messages from the two men while issuing a warning to the women, “Ladies, I don’t want your f**king man. But if you’re mean to me, I’ll show you I can have them.”

Roxy proved a few things here with her social media experiment. She’s taken trolling to a whole new level and she can have a decent number of her haters’ husbands.

Two out of four is a decent batting average for randomly sliding into the DMs of the husbands of her haters. Given that success some of her followers, including some haters, asked for her help testing their own men.

To date, Roxy claims to have caught at least seven men in her DM trap.


This one is going to get juicy

♬ original sound – Roxy Stylez

No OnlyFans models are sliding into your DMs

I can’t believe people spend this much time going back-and-forth in the comment section on social media. But I’m not surprised. As social media has taught us over the years people have a ton of time for nonsense.

I also can’t believe that these husbands are getting caught up in this. Almost nobody with tens of thousands of followers is randomly sliding into your DMs.

The lesson for the haters is clear, be careful out there in the comment section. Especially if you’re in a relationship with a moron who thinks OnlyFans models with large social media followings are into them.

Written by Sean Joseph

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