San Diego State Remains In The MWC, PAC-12 Appears To Be In Major Trouble

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San Diego State will NOT be leaving the Mountain West Conference after months of speculation the Aztecs would be on the move.

SDSU was the PAC-12’s top expansion target. The belief has been for months the Aztecs would be scooped up by the PAC-12 in order to shore up the conference losing USC and UCLA to the Big Ten.

However, it’s not going to happen. Despite San Diego State previously sending a letter to the MWC indicating it was leaving, no PAC-12 invite came by the end of June and that means SDSU isn’t going anywhere.

San Diego State not leaving the MWC.

The PAC-12 won’t expand without a new media deal. That simply hasn’t come yet, and it appears SDSU’s dream of joining the P5 is on hold.

ESPN reported it’s likely SDSU now remains in the MWC for the next two years in order to avoid paying a $34 million exit fee needed to jump prior to the 2024-25 season.

The situation is nothing short of a disaster for all parties involved.

SDSU not leaving the MWC. (Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images)

The PAC-12 might be in huge trouble.

The PAC-12 has been pushing the narrative “we’ll have a new media deal in a few weeks” for months now. It’s like “two weeks to slow the spread.”

How many times are fans going to hear from PAC-12 officials everything will be okay? At some point, there needs to be results, and that hasn’t happened yet.

Not only has a new media deal not been reached, but it’s unclear if there’s even a legit offer on the table. The incompetence from the PAC-12 cost the conference a chance to expand with SDSU and it could be a couple years before the Aztecs can now join.

It’s truly shocking how badly botched this situation has become.

San Diego State isn’t leaving the MWC amid drama in the PAC-12. (Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images)

SDSU is now stuck in the MWC as the PAC-12 treads water in an attempt to survive. What an absolute circus George Kliavkoff and other PAC-12 officials have on their hands.

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