San Diego State Takes Major Step Towards Leaving The MWC As PAC-12 Invite Looms

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The San Diego State Aztecs have taken a huge step towards the program’s time in the Mountain West Conference ending.

San Diego State leaving the MWC has appeared likely for months, and a recent report indicated the PAC-12 has already chosen SDSU as Colorado’s replacement if the Buffaloes leave the conference.

Now, it appears San Diego State is serious about leaving. The program officially informed the MWC that it likely intends to search for a new home, according to ESPN.

San Diego State gets ready to pack up and leave the MWC.

SDSU provided the MWC written notice that the program “intends to resign from the Mountain West Conference,” according to Pete Thamel.

In the same letter, the Aztecs sent the MWC a letter asking for a “one-month extension given unforeseen delays involving other collegiate athletic conferences beyond our control.” San Diego State later clarified the letter was “not the official notice of resignation.”

The San Diego State Aztecs intend on leaving the MWC. (Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images)

There is no official invite yet for SDSU to join any P5 conference, but smoke has been swirling for months the PAC-12 desperately wants to add the program. The Big 12 could also be in the mix.

San Diego State is required to give a year of notice in order to leave, and an early exit would require an exit fee of $34 million. That’s a staggering amount of money for any G5 program.

Is a PAC-12 invite imminent?

Again, there’s been nonstop smoke surrounding the Aztecs joining the PAC-12. It makes perfect sense if the PAC-12 wants to expand, which it absolutely does.

USC and UCLA leaving the conference means there is a huge void to fill. San Diego State isn’t a massive program, but it’s a large school with solid resources in southern California.

Speculation is soaring San Diego State might join the PAC-12. (Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images)

Will it come anywhere near making a dent in replacing the Trojans and Bruins? Absolutely not, but it’s much better than nothing.

The problem for SDSU is the PAC-12 still doesn’t have a media deal done. Not only does a new media deal not exist, it’s unclear what one might look like.

Commissioner George Kliavkoff has been hunting hard to get something done, but so far, traditional networks seem to have zero interest. Would the PAC-12 take a new team amid media rights chaos? Would SDSU want to get into the conference without clarity?

Will San Diego State earn a PAC-12 invite? (Photo by Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

All of that needs to be figured out. For now, there’s no question San Diego State has taken a huge step towards ditching the MWC. What comes next remains to be seen.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the current dysfunction in the PACifist 12 ends up leading San Diego State to consider the Big 12, a far superior conference in men’s basketball compared to the PACifist 12. It’s a long shot, but what better way for B12 Commissioner Brett Yormark to troll the PACifst 12 than to not only snag Colorado, but to steal San Diego State and possibly both Arizona schools?

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