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Full confession: I’ve been watching a ton of vintage Bob Barker Era ‘The Price Is Right’ on Pluto

I don’t know when Pluto will start charging for its app, but for the time being, I’m sucking up the content on that app at a rather staggering rate. It all started in 2019, I believe, when I discovered the app had an American Gladiators channel that is one incredible loop of Gladiators blasting tennis balls at 1990 wannabe athletes. It was like being transported to my youth.

Now I’m deep into the Bob Barker marathon, featuring Price Is Right episodes that are at least 40 years old. Some episodes over the weekend, based on clothing styles and the prizes up for bids, had to be from the late 1970s. I’m not afraid to say I’m pretty much addicted to watching and looking at the brands putting up prizes. I’m also addicted to things like seeing which of the hot women in the crowd he chose that day for his contestants. Let’s just say Bob was clearly handpicking the contestants. The horndog clearly had a type. Legs. Legs for days.

It’s interesting to watch how people would look at a stacked washer and dryer as if it was some sort of alien that had landed on planet Earth. The Jacuzzis are hilarious. The cars are even more hilarious. The electric car or cart thing I saw over the weekend was so forward-looking. I’m telling you guys, give it a shot some night when you need a changeup in the TV viewing.

Next up could be the Johnny Carson marathon Pluto’s teasing. I need to study up on Carson’s interview style. Back at the end of his run, I was too young to appreciate the end of the Carson era. American Gladiators was more my style then.

• At some point today, I’ll read this story on a guy who was wrongly imprisoned for 37 years only to be partly saved by members of the Buccaneers team. Save that link and give it a read.

• Good luck to those who are still holding $GME. I heard from a Morning Screencaps loyal reader who jumped on the GameStop train a couple of weeks ago and is within the sell zone after holding on like a maniac through several huge spikes and drops. “I’ve made life-changing money on GME over the last two weeks,” he says. He’s not even some unemployed 20-something living with his parents! I’m happy for his children.

Congratulations to Shaq for finally selling his 31,000 sq. ft. Orlando house that’s been on the market for years. I was starting to get bored reposting that house 2-3 times a year (including here at OutKick) for those who never saw the insane structure.

• The Super Bowl get-in price slid a little bit overnight. The loading zone is now down at $11,000 per ticket.

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  1. I am obsessed with Pluto Price Is Right as well. I am amazed at what turns out to be expensive. I saw an Iron on there last night. The contestant had the choice of prices to chose from, $24 or $44 dollars. It was $44!!!!!! Episode was probably from the 70’s or early 80’s.

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