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It’s the Year of the Gauntlet NFL Fantasy League

After making its debut in 2021 thanks to Screencaps reader Tim L. in Texas, The Gauntlet is now all the rage on Screencaps as guys like me look for an alternative to fantasy football which got to the point where it was impossible to keep up with.

In an attempt to make this as easy as possible for new readers who want to start their own leagues, I will go over the rules set forth by Tim L.

Gauntlet concept:

  • (8) league participants pick (4) NFL teams during an auction draft with each participant starting with $100 in fantasy money
  • The league participant with the highest win total from their four teams at the end of the regular season wins the Gauntlet.


  • League winner gets to nominate the first team on the auction block; if it’s a first-year league, pick a name out of a hat
  • It’s an auction draft. Go crazy bidding and running up prices. It’s like bidding on a Darren Rovell ticket stub.
  • The participant who wins the first auction nominates the next team on the block and so on until all participants have FOUR teams; Don’t be a moron, save $1 to buy your fourth team.


  • Gauntlet championship tiebreakers, as explained by Tim L. in Texas: “If [two league participants] end up with same amount of wins, we tiebreak by whoever has the one team with the most wins. If my top team had 13 wins and yours had 12, I win. If that’s still a tie, it goes to 2nd team with most wins. If that’s still a tie, it goes to 3rd team with most wins. If that’s still a tie, it goes to pistols at dawn.”
  • What about NFL teams who tie? No points. The Gauntlet is all about wins. Root for wins.
  • It doesn’t matter how much you charge league participants to enter; $50? $100? $10? Find a number everyone can agree on and hold a draft.

‘I don’t have a league to play in, HELP!’

  • Here’s how we’ll do this: Gauntlet captains and participants
  • Are you willing to run a league? Email me with a subject reflecting your interest level — Captain or Participant
  • I will then funnel Participants to Captains and see where we stand
  • I will volunteer to be the first Captain. The first seven Participants to email me are in my league.
  • Email:
  • How to hold an online auction draft: Create an auction league on Yahoo, hold the draft, delete it afterward.
  • Email weekly win totals to participants


I pray there aren’t too many questions after this explainer, but I’m not scared. Fire away.

Screencaps fill-in analysis and a wife thinking she wants to visit Put In Bay

• Doug J. writes:

I thought your two-day replacement did a pretty good job.  He passed but he isn’t Joe Kinsey.  You’ve got this thing wired most days.

This past weekend we were trying to figure out as a family someplace to go for our last weekend before we take our oldest to college.  We talked about going out to the Iowa State Fair, World’s of Fun, Adventureland, Silver Dollar City, and many other places.  We looked at the temps and it was going to be in the high 90s with crazy humidity.  The wife and kids decide they don’t really feel like standing in lines, battling crowds, and melting in the outside steam room we call the Midwest.  

We end up going to Indian Cave State Park.  We knew it had hiking trails and of course the cave.  Well, the cave turned out to be not much, and then I convinced the family to do a mile hike up the bluff to a lookout/viewing area.  The hike didn’t take long but we were sweating like crazy and the kids took one view of the Missouri River and said, “This is it?”  My son and I sprinted back down the trail and got the AC going in the car to provide relief for the girls once they made it back.  Pretty miserable outing but we were doing it together.  

On the drive back my wife said we should take the kids to Christy Creme.  I didn’t misspell it.  Christy Creme is a local ice cream/burger stop, locally owned in Council Bluffs since 1954.  They make a different flavor of sherbet every day.  We had only been there once before and this hit the spot.  Huckleberry was the flavor on Saturday and it was excellent.

On the way there my wife started talking about other places she wanted to go on vacation to after last year’s Mackinac Island trip was so amazing.  She brought up Isle Royale National Park, which I had never heard of, and then she said she would like to go to Put-In-Bay.  I almost drove off the road.  She likes to listen to Clay’s podcasts but doesn’t read Screencaps unless I show/read her an excerpt.  I couldn’t believe she had found that one spot all on her own.  Maybe one day we will make it out to your little golf tournament.   And thanks everyone for the advice on dropping your kids off at college, it was devoured and hopefully, I can put it to good use in a few days.

Here is a pic I took on the back of a Jeep on our way to Indian Cave State Park when we stopped for a bathroom break.

Kinsey: This is where I must caution the wives out there that the minute Put In Bay rolls off their lips I need them to understand they’re talking about the Key West of the Great Lakes and it’s all about getting loose however long you’re on the island. Next week the Zac Brown Band will play on the island’s airstrip. There will be 20,000 women wearing the Bret Michaels straw cowboy hat that you see in airports around the country when moms return from Cancun.

And don’t bring the kids unless they’re 21.

More analysis of my Screencaps fill-in, SeanJo

• Steve D. in Eldersburg, Maryland writes:

I’m no longer a premium member at Outkick for a number of reasons.  But since you asked, I thought Sean’s Screencaps were excellent.  I like how he mixed things up instead of having all the IG’s in a row.  I enjoyed his takes on things.  And by mixing the writing and the links, it made me stay a little longer on Screencaps.  Just food for thought.

Has music on the golf course gone too far?

• Greg J. writes:

I’m a pretty avid golfer and finally decided to join a country club late last year. Since that time, I’ve noticed a new (maybe it isn’t) trend of playing music in the cart.

I’m not a snob by any stretch and I’m in my 40’s, so not at the “get off my lawn” stage of life.  That said, the music Dangerfield played in CaddyShack pales in comparison to the volume of music I hear now.

On a normal day, I can hear “Back in Black” blasting one hole over. Although annoying during even casual play, this past weekend I played in a 2-day tournament when it reached, “I’m going to throw that Bluetooth speaker into the pond with the ProV1 you just deposited there” levels.

My partner and I were tied for the lead and playing for quite a bit of money. I’ve attached a short sound video of what I listened to the whole round. They refused to turn it down.  Between my atrocious putting and their terrible music, I was ready to explode.

So here’s my question: Am I more fragile than I thought or do others find this annoying as well?  I play with many guys who listen to music, but it’s only audible when sitting in the cart. No biggie.  But should I be subjected to KISS from over 200 hundred yards away?

Looking forward to learning if I’m neurotic or normal.

Kinsey: The problem with the modern golfer who plays music is that he’s not able to read the room. I’d go as far as saying there’s a national epidemic with those that can’t read any room. Let’s face it, there are tons of morons out there polluting this country.

In your case, you’ll most likely need to agree to music rules of engagement at these big-money tournaments. The opponents should agree to it because they already know you’re a little shook.

Then there are cases like the golf outings I go on when it’s 7 at night, the boys have had multiple beers and they’re ready to let loose. The music goes up several notches. In the morning, it’s quiet Yacht Rock or nothing.

It’s up to all of us to remind our moron buddies to read a room. Remember, they’re morons and wouldn’t think of the idea unless you buried that seed in their dense brains.

Help me with my yard project!

• Mike B. writes:

Haven’t seen a post in a few regarding a yard project, so I wanted to throw this out to the group. We purchased a place on 5 acres last year and have been going through renovations. Well it’s getting time to put in some yard work. I can’t let the grass not be up to TMNL standards even though I have a larger lot! Getting ready to prep it for the winter.  I would like any advice from the pros out there on the best way to make the yard look good  Overseeding, fertilizing, sprinkler system, etc….

Guy down the street has a huge lot and his yard looks unreal. I know he has a landscape, but I have Screencaps for the help!

On Little Leaguers hugging it out

• Jim M. writes:

Did the little league thing,   about 2010 , Manager… district, state tournaments all that …if one of my players hit a batter… I’d go out to the mound…ask, u ok,  if they said yes, game on, ………me,.  ok next batter, buzz him, then the rest of the lineup thinks ur wild…they all will be scared of u….then just throw a couple strikes and we’re out of this inning…….and that was the 9yr olds……loved it!    Myself….I Pete Rose’d catcher when I was 13……those were the days!!!   1978

That should be plenty of material for your Tuesday morning. Your job today is to let me know whether you’re a ‘Captain’ or ‘Participant’ in a Gauntlet league. We need able-bodied readers to step up and be leaders this fall. Are you up to the challenge?

And for the rest of you, go have yourselves a helluva day. The sun is out here. It’s going to be in the low 80s and I’m feeling productive. Let’s get after it.


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  1. regarding music on the course, I agree to Yacht Rock or nothing! in fact, last weekend I mentioned how Yacht Rock should be re-named to Golf Course Radio. There’s gotta be more people listening on golf courses than on boats, right?

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