Sales for Woke Superman Comics Tank

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Apparently, comic book readers don’t like woke characters either.

According to Bounding Into Comics, December sales data shows that readers are rejecting DC Comics’ new woke Superman.

DC recently replaced Clark Kent with his son Jonathan Kent, who then falls in love with a man. Jon is also now a climate change activist. Because that’s always key in fighting bad guys. And finally, DC changed his motto from “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” to “Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow.” The word “American” is offensive, obviously.

As Trump once said, “Everything woke goes to shit.” Just look at Superman’s recent comic sales for proof.

The much-hyped first edition of Superman: Son of Kal-El sold just 68,800 issues in July, well below previous estimates. The book ranked as the 17th best-selling comic of the month. 17th! The comic’s recently released third issue sold 34,000 copies in September, the 77th best-selling comic of the month. 77th!

Bounding Into Comics compared the sales to previous Superman comics:

That 68,800 number for the first issue is even worse when you compare it to previous Superman #1 issues. When the series was rebooted when Brian Michael Bendis took over the title back in 2018, Superman #1 sold 133,700 copies.

In June 2016, when DC relaunched their entire line with DC Rebirth, Superman Rebirth #1 sold 118,434 copies and Superman #1 sold 105,380 copies.

When DC rebooted their entire universe with The New 52 in September 2011, Superman #1 sold 118,376 copies.

So DC killed Superman. YouTuber “Comics by Perch” reports that with Superman now effectively dead, DC is merely a Batman brand with no second attraction. Of DC’s current top 50 titles, 48 of them are Batman books.

But will Batman last? Or will Bruce Wayne’s pro-abortion, anti-racist, triple-vaxxed, doubled-masked son, who puts he/they pronouns in their bio, replace him?

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. “Apparently, comic book readers don’t like woke characters either.”

    We haven’t liked woke characters for some time. Maybe if you took some time off from telling us how much CNN sucks and blowing Bill Maher you’d know there’s a whole counter-industry beginning to form to shove it to DC and Marvel. Hi Comicsgate!

  2. As the greatest former president, (but only former because he was cheated out of his re-election) says:
    “Everything woke turns to shit”!
    Yes it does Mr. President, yes it does.

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