Saints QB Jameis Winston Talks About Water Cooler Protocol

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If you ever work out with Jameis Winston, please, whatever you do, don’t take all the Body Armor out of his Yeti Cooler.

Especially if you only work out for 10 minutes.

That is a gross violation of his cooler policies.

The New Orlean Saints quarterback spoke to Cam Jordan and Mark Ingram II as part of the Players’ Tribune series “Truss Levels.”

“I work out and I have a lot of challenging workouts out in the sun in Tampa, and I invite people to come,” Winston said.

“I get Body Armors, I get waters and I put ’em in a cooler. I pay for the ice, I got a Yeti cooler, so look, it ain’t no cheap cooler.”

Already, you can tell Jameis is a man who takes his cooler game seriously. As such, you can expect that he has some cooler-related pet peeves.

“So the drinks are staying cool and we’re out there running routes. People come to work out with us, bro, and they take all the Body Armors and they leave the waters in there.”

Winston explained that he hates when someone who only worked out for a fraction of his usual three-hour sessions also leaves the cooler lid wide open.

“One thing I don’t like is when the little wrapper for the water [bottle] is just floating in the bottom of the water,” Winston explained.

Does it surprise anyone that Winston, one of the NFL’s biggest characters has such strong feelings about cooler etiquette?

Not at all, but it’s still good to see him raising awareness for the free-for-all that is the water cooler. They can be lawless.

You’ve got to love hearing Winston call out the people who pick over the good stuff.

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