Why The ‘Idiots’ Hate Sage Steele

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Deadspin, an outlet that people once read, released its annual Idiot of the Year list this week. Though no one pays attention to the list anymore, an unexpected headline caught the internet’s attention on Wednesday.

According to — what’s left of — Deadspin, Sage Steele is the 6th biggest idiot of the year because, and this was the unexpected part, she is the “black Candace Owens.”

Got that?

As you probably know, Candace Owens is black while Steele is bi-racial. So maybe Deadspin will declare Malika Andrews the “black Jemele Hill” next week? You never know.

It appears that some low-level woke with a condescending smirk wrote the headline “black Candace Owens.” Presumably, this Deadspin writer had never seen a photo of Owens. He’d probably just seen Owens’ name trend for beliefs that he calculated only a white person could have. Or maybe Deadspin tweeted a racist remark to imply that Owens cannot be black given her conservative views. Remember, black and bi-racial people must all think alike, per the progressive’s faceless leaders.

And that’s precisely why Steele — ESPN’s only openly conservative host — bothers Deadspin, that creepy guy at Awful Announcing, and her co-workers who are still trying to demote her, like Elle Duncan and Michael Eaves. Progressive sheep can’t control this woman of color in a prominent role with a large salary, as they do most. They can’t deal with that concept.

Deadspin proved this even when it later tweaked its headline to call Steele “ESPN’s Candace Owens.” See, the only connection between Steele and Owens is that they are women of color who don’t preach what the Left demands. Of course, you might call that racist if the word’s definition mattered.

The media’s issue with Steele runs deep because she won’t comply with its commands. Already, various blue checks have warned Steele about the dangers of expressing her views openly about the Covid vaccine, Barack Obama, and various other issues. Yet she won’t listen.

Steele doesn’t fear trending on Twitter and receiving racist comments from Hill, Cari Champion (a very gross person), and Keith Olbermann. Steele won’t shut up and obey those tasked to hall monitor the sports industry.

As we explained the last time people called for Steele’s job, the sports media bubble is an exclusive group. Nearly every member votes one way, has one viewpoint, and has no interest in hearing the other side. So when anyone who shares a job title with them dares to disagree with them publicly, they come for them. And with Steele, they can’t simply dismiss her as a white man, as they have with so many.

Steele is a threat to these pawns. She’s also winning. So perhaps there is one more similarity between Steele and Owens — they both have market value. Should Steele leave ESPN, she’d have multiple offers from networks and streaming services.

And that’s what eats at the others the most: Steele’s career wouldn’t prove meaningless after ESPN like Cari Champion’s has or how Elle Duncan’s would.

So who were the idiots of the year, Deadspin? We shall rank them.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. The only thing rich, white liberals hate more than white conservatives is a black conservative.

    Democrats resort back to their KKK roots the second an independent-minded black person try’s to leave the plantation.

    • Actually the Democrats who were part of the KKK were conservatives. Former Confederate Officers. The Republican party was formed as a Liberal Progressive party fighting slavery and the tyranny of Andrew Jackson. Please educate yourself. It’s nowonder you guys get picked on and treated as someone as dumb as Sarah Palin or Donald Trump.

        • Cherry picking? No No No…. It’s not my fault you and other Very Fine People don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Black people were solid Republicans until the GOP and Barry Goldwater decided to embrace the Southern Conservatives Democrats and decided to leave the party. Btw… Jackie Robinson led they way once he couldn’t convince his friend Richard Nixon that Goldwater and the GOP embrace of racist segregationist would ruin the party. 70 years later?…. the GOP still has not changed… Be better and get smarter… #ObamaSmart

          • You’re just rambling to justify your bullshit. You equate “Confederate” with “Republican” just like you equate “Christian” with “Trump Supporter”. Then you pretend the same soldiers who founded the Klan were the same ones who ran roughshod over the south in the 20th Century. And now we’re talking about Barry Goldwater and Jackie Robinson, which has nothing to do with the fucking Klan.

            You’re saying shit to sound smart. Spoiler Alert: It’s not working.

      • True, conservative Democrats founded the original KKK

        But equating mid-19th Century conservative philosophies with current-day conservative philosophies is pure folly

        Current-day liberal Democrats share the same racist ethos as their conservative Democratic predecessors of the post-Civil War era, and that vile racism links almost all Democrats together thru over a dozen decades

        I’m not a registered Republican but it’s ironic that the modern GOP (with some exceptions), which was founded as a ‘liberal progressive’ party as BDL claims (the truth is somewhere in the middle), now champions a more forward-thinking and inclusive platform as opposed to the Regressive Left that wants to mutilate the United States with a hammer & a sickle #F*CKCOMMUNISM #USA 🇺🇸

      • Nice try. Here’s the extent of your reimagined history:

        “If it was good, but not us, we’ll claim it. If it was bad and we don’t want it, we’ll say it was them.”

  2. Already, various blue checks have warned Steele about the dangers of expressing her views openly about the Covid vaccine, Barack Obama, and various other issues. Yet she won’t listen.

    No offense but Barrack Obama doesn’t give a fuck what Sage Owen’s Stelle has to say. He’s one of the favorite president of all time and she’s a wannabe Becky appropriatd by Very Fine People…. The Irony… Btw… didn’t Bobby just release his own list? And I love the whole cool ass white oy act Bobby puts on like he’s hip to what’s going on. Okay Elmer Fudd

      • Lmbao… This coming from a Bubba who ends his comments with Let’s Go Brandon? Let me guess, you are probably a white male CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE using that phrase? You can’t make this shit up. No wonder you guys are so triggered. You still think you are a contender. Lmbao… #NotReplacedJustSmarterBiggerTougherThanYou

        • Since you asked, I’m a proud DEVOUT HEATHEN. But that doesn’t really matter. All that truly matters is that I’m an American.

          That *is* the first time I’ve been accused of being a BUBBA, tho…A for effort there. If you ever met me in real life, you’d learn that I’m probably the furthest from a BUBBA as a Cracker Chap like me can get.

          Warmest wishes!

        • You were so mad about what Sage Steele said you spelled every other word wrong and didn’t even leave one of your infamous hashtags.

          But Mikey’s the triggered one? the only thing projecting more than your feelings is your erection for Obama.

          • No Glenn, I mean an erection. It’s the bulge you feel between your legs every time you see (one of) your favorite POTUS’. And no, I’m not like one of those “Billies” that gets overjoyed when they see the Orange Man. Just because you’re fucked in the head doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

            And by the way, why do you always bring everything back to January 6? Biden? January 6. Bobby Burack? January 6. LeBron’s triple-double? January 6. Tingle down your leg? January 6. it’s almost like you’re too stupid to come up with an original insult.

  3. Oh geez, now the KKK was a Republican organization… WTF. When all this tranny stuff finds it’s way into the trash can I’m sure they’ll do some Wikipedia gymnastics to blame the white patriarch for having started the chicks-with-dicks thing as well.

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