College Football Team Uses WWE’s ‘Money In The Bank’ Briefcase As Epic Turnover Prop After Vince McMahon’s Wife Donates Building

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Sacred Heart University is one of the better college football teams on the FCS level. The Pioneers don’t contend for the national championship, but they have made the playoffs in each of the last two years.

Sacred Heart Turnover Prop Money In The Bank Briefcase
Sacred Heart football has the coolest turnover prop in the game right now.
(Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

While the NEC program tries to get back for a third-straight year, it continues to use one of the best turnover props in the sport. Sacred Heart’s ‘Money In The Bank’ briefcase is electric.

Those who are familiar with the WWE know exactly what this is. For those who don’t, let me explain.

Back in 2005, the WWE introduced its first-ever Money in the Bank ladder match. Wrestlers get into the ring with a tall ladder in the middle that is positioned under a suspended briefcase.

Inside the briefcase is a contract for a championship match that could be “cashed in” at any point during the year after the victory. The Money in the Bank matches remain a staple in the WWE and was most recently contested in June.

Sacred Heart, which is not located far from the WWE offices, has ties to the wrestling organization. Linda McMahon has sat on the university’s board of trustees since 2004 and has a building named in her honor after she donated $5 million to the school.

In turn, the football team decided to turn that connection into something of its own with the turnover briefcase. As we have seen across college football, schools have introduced props that are given to any player who forces a turnover.

There have been chains, trash cans, backpacks, swords, cloaks and everything in between.

For Sacred Heart, it’s the Money in the Bank turnover briefcase and it’s awesome.

The briefcase was on full display during a 14-10 win over Central Connecticut State on Saturday, the team’s seventh-straight NEC win.

Of the many, many props in college football. The Pioneers’ is one of the most unique because it has an actual tie to the university. That, and the swagger that comes with carrying it, makes it one of the best.

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