Ryan Mallett’s Marriage To ‘Tiffany Uncensored’ Lasted 4 Months, Divorce Includes Prenup Drama

A Hogs fan tipster has sent OutKick the divorce proceedings between former Arkansas legend Ryan Mallett and his estranged wife Tiffany Seeley, who now goes by Tiffany Uncensored on OnlyFans, where she has been rebounding from her very short marriage to the former NFL gunslinger.

Divorce filings show that Mallett and Seeley lived as a married couple for just four months — June 17, 2020 to October 19, 2020 — before the couple split and went to court. Seeley argues in court that “the Defendant offered such general indignities to the person of the Plaintiff as did render Plaintiff’s condition in life intolerable, and by reason of such indignities, the Plaintiff is entitled to an absolute divorce from the Defendant.”

Seeley also notes that the couple had a prenuptial agreement that called for the sum of $2,000 per month for a period of 36 months and property rights. In their latest filings, Mallett’s attorneys have fought back against Seeley’s claims for the monthly payments.

The former Mrs. Mallett took to Facebook back in December to address the twists and turns of her life in 2020. She said the couple started building a house and had found jobs. Then things changed.

“Then came Covid, cheating, and drama around the corner to wake me up from this fairytale I thought I was living. Anyway, to say the least I’ve been waiting for 2021 as many people have been. It’s important to ask yourself not are you happy with the situation you are in but are you happy with who YOU are and how you acted during these hard times.

“For me I realized I hated the person I’d become because I was constantly trying to change things out of my control. I tried to force myself to be happy where I was at, force someone else to show me the love I knew I deserved, force what I thought should happen next to happen. Well the year is almost over and I’ve realized I will never try to force anything again.”

Now they’re fighting over $72,000 and the fur babies. Tiffany has begun a career as an OnlyFans star and now claims to be “Saving up for an ass to match these titties 😜.”

A subscription to see more of Mallett’s soon-to-be ex-wife will cost you $30 per month.



Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. If only Ryan had taken Joe’s advice and never married the stripper (or now Onlyfans user in this case).

    Let’s face it…that’s probably the career path she was already going before she got her hooks into Mallett.

  2. I know said Onlyfans homewrecker isn’t going to read this comment…but for the 4 or 5 OK ladies that are on here…fake chests and buttocks just make you look like barbiefied robots, not women. The few I’ve seen IRL look like they have a tough time just moving around in the gym.

  3. Some of the lyrics to “Sharon” by the GREAT David Bromberg (If you don’t know David, think a New Orlins blues/cajun sound and lyrics)…thinking Ryan Mallett must have been there the night his love was woikin’…

    Well I went inside and I looked around for a seat.
    The lights went low, and the drums played a beat.
    Then this girl come out, dressed in a scarf and sneeze.
    She did a little dance that made me weak in the knees.
    She danced like her back had no bone
    While the band played a tone called the Main Street Moan.

    She smiled a smile the whole world could see.
    Then she turned her head, and she looked straight at me.
    I must have jumped at least six feet in the air,
    And when I come down, that girl wasn’t there.

    Oh Sharon, what do you do to these men?
    You know the same rowdy crowd that was here last night is back again.

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