Ryan Day vs. Jim Harbaugh Gets Heated On Conference Call, Insider Says

Word is traveling around the B1G world about a Tuesday conference call amongst football head coaches that included an exchange between Ryan Day and Jim Harbaugh that goes to show you that there’s never a day off for hating each other in this rivalry. The rumor mill has been fired up over an alleged “we’ll hang 100 on your ass” comment, but Buckeyes’ 24/7 insider Dave Biddle has clarified exactly went down between the two coaches.

Yes, there’s a ‘100’ declaration, but Dave irons this out for the Internet.

While on the call, Ryan Day was talking, and suddenly Jim Harbaugh interrupted him to say that OSU was violating the rules by having on-field instruction and drills, which are not permitteduntil Friday. Harbaugh broughtup Al Washington by name and mentioned a picture that surfaced with Washington working with some of the Buckeyes’ linebackers. Day fired back: “How about I worry about my team and you worry about yours?”

It has been reported elsewhere that Day also said to Harbaugh while on the call that Mich. better hope there is a mercy rule because Ohio State “is going to hang 100 on you.” However, Day did not say that on the call.

But he DID say those identical words during a team meeting today, which took place not too long after the call among B1G head coaches. He told his team that the conference better have a mercy rule, or the Buckeyes are going to hang 100 points on the Wolverines.

For those of you who don’t know, Al Washington left Michigan in 2019 to take a linebacker coaching job with the Buckeyes and was unleashed on the recruiting trail where he landed 5-star Zach Harrison for Day after Harrison had considered Michigan. Add it all up and Jim’s still hurt and acting like the typical baby that he is.

Maybe it’s a Harbaugh ploy to fire up his team headed into camp after barely registering a pulse while getting their heads stomped in on the home turf back in November. Or maybe Jim’s just this dumb to fire up this Buckeyes team even more for the October 24 game in Columbus.

What’s clear in this rivalry is that until Jimmy (0-5 against Ohio State) can show a pulse in the rivalry he should just sit there on the conference call and act like the 3rd or 4th place coach that he is.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. OK, I joined as a VIP to get the true unbiased view of sports that I have longed for. ThIs is a slanted view from an OSU fan boy. And, I don’t give a f#$& what he has to say now. Also, I am a fan of another conference and could not care less what happens in the B1G conference. Clay, just thought you were bringing unbiased and real reporting on sports. May need to cancel soon, as I can probably get this take on bucknuts.

  2. Hey Joe,
    So I must have missed it in the fine print where it says you’re NOT ALLOWED to have an opinion.
    EVERY sports talk show on TV has guys spouting opinions…but for whatever reason, you, an OHIO boy who says you root for OSU, is NOT ALLOWED to show your feelings.
    Again I say…if you don’t like it, guys…RUB SOME DIRT IN IT!!! Tell Coach Harbaugh to win a friggin game against OSU and shut up OSU fans. This back and forth has been going on for a long time.
    When the Red Sox FINALLY beat the Yankees in 2004 in a HUGE comeback I was crushed! But I rubbed some dirt on it and tipped my NYY cap to the Red Sox. I got over it.

  3. In 2019, NY Yankee manager, Aaron Boone, famously called his players on the bench “savages” in a heated argument at home plate after the umpire missed some calls. This is BIG LEAGUE stuff…not for the faint of heart…not for snowflakes. This is not “participation trophy” stuff…this is winner-take-all stuff!!!

    So…Chad Bohling, the Yankees’ director of mental conditioning, asked the full squad to think of a word they hoped would describe the 2019 team and bring it to work with them the next day to share with the others.

    This was during a pre-workout meeting early in spring training. The hope was that a slogan would be a touchstone, that throughout a long season or in the heat of a contested game, something as simple as a word could break through fatigue and stress as a rallying symbol, a shared ethos.

    The players took the assignment seriously and so did their manager. Aaron Boone offered his choice.

    “He said ‘let’s be savage,’” recalled Zach Britton. “It wasn’t the only word (from the group), but it is kind of the one that has stuck. It is a word you think of more with football and brute force. But for us it meant let’s play all the innings to the best of our ability. Let’s take great at-bats, not take one pitch off. Let’s maintain focus to be great all the time.”

    The word has been used internally all season by the Yankees and, on Thursday, Boone unintentionally shared it with the world. The microphones on the field were hot, and so was the Yankees manager. Thus, Boone’s diatribe against home plate Brennan Miller for missing a few strike calls came through clearly. During his tirade, Boone referred a few times to his hitters as “savages.”

    But members of the team say that was specific to the moment. For Boone has appealed to his whole team to be “savage.” When asked, Boone said it means “to be relentless.” Boone recognizes he has a talented roster. But he knows other teams do as well. So he has tried to synthesize grit, focus and daily care and passion in a word as a way to separate the Yankees from other skilled clubs.

    What are we talking about, guys? We get offended over people expressing RREAL emotions?
    Kirk out…beam me up, Scotty…

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