Ryan Braun Retires After 14 Years With The Brewers

Former MVP Ryan Braun has now retired from baseball after 14 years. The slugger won the 2011 National League MVP, however he is most known for admitting to steroid use in July of 2013. Braun was still able to accomplish plenty in the sport as a career .296 hitter with 352 career homers and 1,154 RBI. His only blemish was that positive test that can hardly be ignored.

Here’s his farewell speech to Brewers and baseball fans around the world:

As Braun mentioned, he’ll be attending Brewers’ September 26th home game to give a final farewell. No matter which way you slice it, Ryan Braun raked and steroids don’t help you hit the ball.

Congratulations on a great career, Ryan Braun.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for OutKick.com, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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    • Let’s not forget he tried to ruin the career of the guy who took the urine sample. When it came back positive, Braun claimed it was “mishandled” and did all he could to undermine the guy and get him fired. Braun could hit, but will cares. He’s a scumbag that took a page from Lance Armstrong’s book on how to cover his tracks by ruining other people’s lives. He is not someone we should honor nor should we celebrate his retirement.

      And for those that think we should forgive him and move on, I completely disagree. Making a mistake is human and forgivable. However, when you get caught and choose to try to rectify the situation by ruining another person’s livelihood, you cross over to the realm of the unforgivable.

      • Yeah I get it, it all makes you sick. Unfortunately when there’s 100-150 million on the line folks will do some abnormal things. He’s not the only one. I think the MLBPA pressured guys not to come out and be honest because they saw these gigantic contracts coming in mostly based on roided up player numbers and didn’t want that money train to stop. I think if we knew everything that went on behind the scenes during the steroid scandal, maybe even still today, we’d never watch another MLB game.

        • But Braun took it to the next level. I get it, guys cheat. Clemens, Bonds, and A-Rod all got caught and issued various excuses and denials. Its expected. But Braun went on the offensive against guys who were (1) just doing their jobs, and (2) he knew were telling the truth. Then when caught, Braun smirked and shrugged it off. Dude is a real scumbag.

  1. Steroids don’t help you hit the ball, but you hit it harder and further… we’ll into years when most men are slowing down.

    If steroids don’t work, why did so many players go to such lengths to get them and keep secret??

    As for Braun, yeah. Multi millionaire tried to destroy a lab tech’s livelihood…. Great guy

  2. Regardless of the steroid controversy (you can’t rule out anyone who played in that era), Braun was clearly one of the most talented players of the generation in his prime. One of the best right handed hitters in the game. I saw him play in the minors before anyone knew who he was, you could tell he was clearly a different level player among the rest, and that was on the same field with guys like Prince Fielder, Ricky Weeks, and Corey Hart. That wasn’t steroids, he just knew how to hit, but it’s too bad his career was tainted by the steroid scandal.

    • Again, if they didn’t work, why use them? Why go to the lengths they did to hide them?

      There have been plenty of players across across the “Big 4” sports leagues that maintained steroids worked and greatly enhanced their performance.

      • Well, I’m not saying steroids wouldn’t take him into another stratosphere as a player. I do believe they can turn a 20 homer guy into 30-35, or 30 homer guy into 45-50, but steroids do not make someone a better “hitter” as far as natural ability and skill goes. You can either hit a 95 mph fastball or 12/6 hammer curve, or you can’t. Steroids won’t change that. That natural ability and talent is what Braun had regardless of roid use, and that’s what I was trying to say, apparently poorly. He was going to be a .300 20 100 guy regardless. I also don’t think he use steroids habitually from the beginning based on what he admitted. He admitted in 2013 he was taking a banned substance to help him recover from a nagging calf injury for the playoffs that year, but I don’t think it’s fair or accurate to have that negate his entire career like some do. I feel the same about Bonds, Sosa, Clemens, etc.

        • Steroids, HGH, all those substances are banned because they increase your performance. That includes recovery.

          The argument that these guys were good anyway is both valid and a cop-out. Brady Anderson was good enough to be an MLB player. Steroids got him his numbers and a massive contract. Clemens and Bonds are the best two examples. Do you really think either have the career longevity they do without the dope? Fuck, Clemens was a mess his last year in Boston, then went on the juice and had a whole second career.

          Given that, I do feel that steroid/HGH users forfeit their Hall of Fame or other accolades. They traded those for the cash. I don’t feel bad for them

  3. I think it took him to the next level. MVP and a big contract. Without it, I think he would have had a very good career as a high average doubles hitter…kind of like an Andy Van Slyke or Nick Markakis.

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