Russian Moon Mission Ends In Comical Disaster, Becomes Putin’s Latest Embarrassment

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Russia’s latest attempt to go to the moon didn’t go as planned.

The Russians launched the unmanned Luna-25 for the nation’s first lunar mission in nearly 50 years, and it ended with a massive crash, Russia’s space agency announced Sunday (via The Washington Post).

The goal was to land on the moon’s icy south pole, according to WaPo. It was the first attempt for the Russians to get to the moon since 1976, and instead of getting the job done, the situation turned into another humiliating situation for Vladimir Putin and his government. Whoops!

Russia’s Luna-25 crashed into the moon. (Photo by Xinhua via Getty Images)

Russia’s attempt to get to the moon ends in disaster.

Once again, Russia and Putin have managed to remind the world that it’s a clown country masquerading as an international power.

The Washington Post reported the mission had been in the work for decades. The Russians had put an incredible amount of resources and time into landing Luna-25 on the moon.

Instead, it crashed and blew up. Couldn’t have happened to a worse government on the planet. What a shame, folks. What a shame.

Russia’s moon mission ended with the Luna-25 crashing. (Photo credit: LAURENT EMMANUEL/AFP via Getty Images)

For the record, America has been to the moon multiple times, and has the technology to do so since the 1960s. It’s now 2023, and the Russians still can’t figure it out.

I guess that’s what happens when a country is really nothing more than a gas station. Putin’s military is bogged down in Ukraine, the Russian economy is spiraling and its space program just suffered a humiliating failure.

Why must such terrible things happen to such a terrible government? It’s almost like karma is a real thing.

Russia and Putin continue to suffer embarrassing incidents. The country’s latest attempt to get to the moon ended in disaster. (Photo by SERGEI GUNEYEV/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images)

Better luck next time, Russia. Good luck catching up to nations that had this kind of tech decades ago.

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