Seattle Seahawks Troll Russell Wilson With Special Sideline Guest After He Was Roasted On Nickelodeon

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Russell Wilson wasn’t even playing in Seattle on Sunday and still managed to take an L. The Seahawks elaborately trolled their former quarterback with a special sideline guest.

Last week, as the Broncos lost to the Rams on Christmas Day, the game was broadcast on both CBS and Nickelodeon. Back in 2021, Paramount Global chose to air one of its NFL playoff games on the children’s network, in an effort to gain an entirely new audience.

It was a smash hit.

The broadcast is full of Nickelodeon characters, various shenanigans, and a lot of slime.

This year, on Christmas, Paramount took things up a notch. Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants, voiced by Bill Fagerbakke, was in the studio.

He offered live, real-time commentary as the not-so-intelligent starfish.

At one point, late in the first quarter, Wilson threw an interception to former Seahawks teammate and Seattle legend Bobby Wagner.

Fagerbakke, a.k.a. Patrick Star, absolutely roasted Russell Wilson

On Sunday, Star made an appearance on the sideline in the Emerald City.

The Seahawks even posted him on the official team account.

Wilson, of course, played the vast majority of his career in Seattle. He was traded to Denver during the offseason and has won just four games with his new team in 2022.

By inviting the SpongeBob characters to the game on Sunday, whether intentional or not, the Seahawks put their former signal-caller in a body bag. It certainly seemed intentional, because there is just no way the timing happened to work out that way.

However, with that all being said, Seattle is on the outside looking-in on the playoffs. Perhaps it should be more focused on its current team, instead of trolling its former players?

Nah, having Star on the sideline was hilarious. Win, lose or otherwise. Shots were most certainly fired!

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