Russell Wilson Reportedly Wanted Pete Carroll Fired, Sean Payton Hired By Seahawks in 2022

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Russell Wilson got at least half of what he wanted, even if it took longer than expected.

Before his cringetastic year of plane aisle high-knees and “let’s ride” quotes, Wilson pushed for Seattle to fire head coach Pete Carroll. In addition to giving Carroll the heave-ho, Russ also wanted the Seahawks to part ways with GM John Schneider. And if that’s not enough, Ciara’s husband also wanted the team to hire Sean Payton as coach.

Per The Athletic, Wilson placed his request to fire the coach and GM in February 2022. He pushed for a move to hire Payton during this same time frame.

Rather than meet his requests, Seattle traded Russell Wilson to Denver on March 8, 2022.

Pete Carroll would’ve been fired in Seattle had Russell Wilson got his way. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Sean Payton And Russell Wilson Land In Denver

In The Athletic’s Friday column, they detailed, per a person speaking with anonymity, why Russell pushed Seattle to change their coach and GM: “Wilson was convinced that Carroll and Schneider were inhibiting his quest to win additional Super Bowls and individual awards.”

At least part of Wilson’s dream came to fruition after a rocky first season in the Mile High City. The Broncos hired Sean Payton as head coach on Jan. 31.

Denver finished the 2022 campaign as the AFC West’s worst team. They compiled a 5-12 record and Wilson struggled, throwing a career-low 16 touchdowns. He also tossed 11 interceptions and registered the worst completion percentage of his career, 60.5%.

After being traded to the Broncos, Wilson signed a five-year, $245 million contract extension.

Pete Carroll and the Seahawks finished 9-8 and earned a trip to the postseason.

Next Meeting Between Wilson And Carroll

Had the Broncos and Seahawks been in the same division or even the same conference, this would make for an even juicier story. Who wouldn’t want to have eyes on those postgame icy stares at midfield? Unfortunately for us, outside of a Denver – Seattle Super Bowl, Wilson (presumably still with Payton by his side), Carroll and Schneider aren’t scheduled to play again until 2026.

Here’s hoping that before then, this group of guys can smooth things out over a couple of Dangerwich’s.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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  1. Russell Wilson changed once he married Ciara. He has become even more unlikable. Seattle made the decision that Russell Wilson wasn’t worth the drama he causes and dumbed him. Russell Wilson is a wannabe NBA player. Thinking that he’s more important than anyone in the franchise.

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