Seahawks Rookie Tariq Woolen Roasts Russell Wilson’s Physique With Brutal Comparison To Sack Of Potatoes

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Seahawks defensive back Tariq Woolen never had the opportunity to play with Russell Wilson, but got to play against him in the first game of his first NFL season. It led to a not-so-kind realization.

Woolen, a fifth-round pick out of UTSA in 2022, was the co-leader in interceptions in 2022 and was voted to the Pro Bowl. His rookie season was a great success and it began with a win over the Broncos.

He recently joined the 2 Up 2 Down Podcast to discuss a variety of topics. Among them was what it was like to play against Russell Wilson, who quarterbacked Woolen’s team prior to his arrival.

Tariq Woolen did not have the nicest words to say about Russell Wilson.

The 23-year-old responded with an extremely disrespectful comparison to describe the 34-year-old quarterback’s physique. Woolen said that while Wilson looks in shape on TV, he is like a “sack of potatoes” in real life.

Seeing him in person, it was pretty funny because like, on TV you see him like from college like, ‘Okay, he look in shape on TV’, but you see him in person it’s like weird he like a sack of potatoes.

— Tariq Woolen, via the 2 Up 2 Down Podcast

After completely ripping Wilson’s build, Woolen backtracked some and gave credit where credit is due.

But the crazy thing, he athletic. He athletic and he a good player…

— Tariq Woolen, via the 2 Up 2 Down Podcast

And then he doubled down.

… but like, literally when I seen him I’m like, ‘damn I didn’t know he was built like that’ and he was short. You know I’m taller than him anyway but like ‘damn he that short.’

— Tariq Woolen, via the 2 Up 2 Down Podcast

Woolen’s first game in the league was the start of a really terrible year for Denver and Wilson, who is apparently built like a sack of potatoes. And although his 12-bathroom house, loving family, and Super Bowl ring surely helps him care a lot less about a rookie’s opinion, it’s a tough look to get called out in such a way.

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