Lakers’ Russell Westbrook Tells Off Media Jabroni, Gary Vee, During Game

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It’s always been in Russell Westbrook‘s DNA to call out his haters to their faces.

Such was the case Tuesday night during the Lakers and Knicks game when media mogul Gary Vaynerchuck was seated courtside at Madison Square Garden, appearing to start some beef with Russ.

At the start of the second quarter, with the Lakers up 29-24, Westbrook looked infuriated with a fan in the front row, only for the broadcast cameras to show Gary Vee himself stuck in the heated dispute with Westbrook.

Vee, the guy known for his common-sense motivational speeches and mysteriously earning millions of dollars by consulting companies, shrugged off the testy callout by Russ and followed up with a response on Twitter, probably after finding out the video had been circulating on social media.

Considering how much the media likes to pounce on Westbrook, it was no surprise that he assumed bad blood.

Vaynerchuck said that his buddy, who was not seen in the original video, had complimented Westbrook for an off-the-backboard layup Russ had scored in the first quarter. Apparently, Westbrook walked over to “ask for clarification” after he caught the “wonderful compliment” from Gary Vee’s friend.

“It’s all love, go Knicks,” Vaynerchuck said in the video.

Westbrook’s layup was a bit of a wonky process as it appeared it was initially intended as a lob to Anthony Davis.

Twitter responses started to clown the interaction, suggesting Russ had lost money in cryptocurrency, a Gary Vee-sponsored wealth stream, and was calling out the media tycoon.

Speaking of Gary’s, Westbrook passed Gary P(ayton) on the NBA’s all-time assists list on Monday against the Brooklyn Nets, notching 8,972 career assists and climbing to 10th all-time.

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