Russell Westbrick’s Wife Defends Him Against Big Bad Skip Bayless

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Russell Westbrook’s wife, Nina, has joined the ongoing battle between her husband and Skip Bayless.

For a recap: last week, Westbrook took offense to Bayless nicknaming him “Westbrick,” a nod to Westbrook bricking jump shots.

Here was the exchange:

Lost in the petty war was Nina leaving a comment under Bayless’ tweet:

“It’s very disheartening that you would choose to continue to shame my family name,” she wrote. “It’s extremely hurtful.”

Make fun of Bayless as you wish, but the Westbrooks are by the far the more mockable characters here.

Nina went for the cheap shot by bringing up her daughters. Nice try. However, Bayless is not making fun of the Westbrook family. He’s merely poking fun at Russell Westbrook, a millionaire athlete, for ranking dead last in three-point shooting.

Russell Westbrook is fair game. He’s just thin-skinned and had to call his wife for backup.

Instead of learning to shoot this summer, we imagine Westbrook walking into a locker room next season to tell the guys his wife stood up to the big bad bully for him.

These soft, entitled athletes are the worst.

We leave you with this:

Any thought on that “extremely hurtful” compilation, Nina?

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  1. I very rarely, if ever, side with Skip Bayless on any topic……but I’m on his side with this take. Man up Westbrick……yes, you’re going to be in the Hall of Fame someday, but your lack of self awareness and lack of accountability makes most fans disengage from you. It’s also pretty sad to pretty much come crawling to your wife for help.

    • HOF? Come on now, that’s about as bad as Gary saying Draymond Greene might be in the HOF one day. Westbrook is a volume shooter and scorer who doesn’t make his team better. Not really HOF material.

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