Rumors Suggest Russell Wilson Is Eyeing The Broncos, Saints Or Giants For Potential Trade

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A tacitly rocky relationship between the Seattle Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson lives on through a new rumor that Wilson may waive his no-trade clause in the upcoming offseason.

What makes this rumor stand out are the three teams that Wilson is reportedly eyeing as part of his change in terms — including the Denver Broncos, New York Giants and New Orleans Saints.

According to reporter Jordan Schultz, sources have reached out to define Wilson’s interest in leaving Seattle next year as likely. He also added that Wilson previously zeroed in on the Philadelphia Eagles as a potential home.

All three (or four) teams would likely throw everything but the kitchen sink at Seattle based on their current state of quarterbacking.

The Broncos have hardly stayed afloat on offense this season as the coaching staff mulls between Teddy Bridgewater and backup Drew Lock as the right guy for the job — both now and long term.

While Bridgewater has started for the season, his seemingly conservative style has led fans to consider Lock as the ultimate pick for the job.

With the team at 6-6, Denver may not have the context to justify a Lock over Bridgewater action, but a Wilson over Bridgewater/Lock decision would be a no-brainer.

New Orleans may be the team with the least interest in acquiring Wilson due to a solid start produced by Brees successor and former Bucs starter, Jameis Winston.

Until Week 8’s season-ending ACL injury against his former team, Winston had thrown 14 touchdowns, three interceptions and 1,170 passing yards. Both the team and Saints legend Drew Brees have vouched for Winston to be the lead guy once he returns to full health.

The New York Giants have previously been rumored to acquire Wilson via trade and may have the requisite capital this time around to pull off the move.

Courtesy of the Chicago Bears’ trade to nab the Giants’ No. 11 pick and Justin Fields in 2021, Big Blue may end up with two top-10 picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. The Giants are currently projected to own both the fifth and seventh (CHI) overall selections — which should intrigue Seattle, a team with no first-round picks in 2022.

With the Giants not expected to bring back general manager Dave Gettleman beyond the 2021-22 season, New York may choose to usher in a new regime, moving on from Gettleman’s 2019 pick in Daniel Jones.

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  1. He’s losing clout. Production is dropping while his age (33) and personal drama is on the rise.

    I don’t see many of those teams GM’s or coaches tying their fates to a 5’-10” “mobile” QB who’s no longer mobile and never had a cannon of an arm.

  2. “New Orleans may be the team with the least interest in acquiring Wilson due to a solid start produced by Brees successor and former Bucs starter, Jameis Winston.”

    Uh, what? In what universe would any team prefer Jameis Winston over Russell Wilson? As a Saints fan, Wilson is the closest they can get to Brees in his prime. Winston is scarier version of Aaron Brooks.

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