Rumors Suggest Los Angeles Coach Sean McVay Could Switch Careers If Rams Win Super Bowl

Rams coach Sean McVay could soon join the likes of Bill Cowher, John Madden and Jon Gruden as NFL head coaches who have traded their playbooks and polos for sport coats and microphones. Speculation persists that McVay could leave the sidelines for a lucrative TV deal. But before making the jump, he’ll first need to win a Super Bowl.

“It is not yet clear if he would want to do it, but TV executives would be interested,” Andrew Marchand of the New York Post said of McVay’s potential next career.

McVay is just 36 years old and in his fifth season as a head coach. But despite his youth, he’s already one of the NFL’s most successful coaches. He’s the youngest coach in league history to lead his team to two Super Bowls and already has as many playoff wins (6) as legendary coach Mike Ditka.

At this point, it seems that the only thing that could stop McVay’s meteoric rise through the coaching ranks is burnout. That’s something he’s previously discussed and could be one of the reasons TV networks believe that McVay could soon opt for the booth instead of the sideline.

Per Marchand: “If the Rams were to win the Super Bowl, McVay could walk away and likely make at least $10 million in a booth. He also could wait and be choosy in his next job.”

McVay, the league’s youngest head coach, reportedly makes $8.5 million to coach the Rams. Just sayin’.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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  1. “Rumors suggest?” Right up there with “an unidentified source says.”
    These click bait articles are why many consider honest journalism is muerte, dead, finis.

    What rumors? Where? You can do better. In fact, in several occasions you have.

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