Rugby Star: I Nearly Died After Catching My Girlfriend Performing A Sex Act On A Teammate In My Yard

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An explosive court case played out this week in Australia where a former professional rugby player detailed how he nearly bled to death after losing 2.5 liters of blood after slashing his arm on glass after catching his then-girlfriend performing a sex act on his teammate.

Michael Lichaa, who played rugby for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, was acquitted of domestic violence charges Friday after the former girlfriend, Kara Childerhouse, who apparently became a fiancée at some point, failed to testify against him.

According to press reports out of Australia, Lichaa woke up from a drunken nap to find Childerhouse performing oral sex on his teammate, Adam Elliott, in Lichaa’s backyard. The 29-year-old Lichaa doesn’t dispute the fact that he flew off the handle and punched a window, which resulted in a terrible cut that caused him to bled out the 2.5 liters.

Rugby star girlfriend sex act teammate
Adam Elliott, left, was engaged in a sex act with his teammate Michael Lichaa’s (right) girlfriend Kara Childerhouse, according to court testimony / Getty Images / Facebook

Lichaa told the court that he was scarred by the actions in that backyard.

“I couldn’t get the image of my fiancee performing oral sex on my best friend out of my mind,” Lichaa said in court Friday during his tesimony.


Now engaged to a new woman, Lichaa said he wanted to clear the air in court as to how he has used that sex act visual as a chance to change his life for the better. He’s sought counseling and says he’s ready to move on with life.

As for Elliott, he also took the stand and told the court he’d been drinking for 12 hours when the backyard oral went down. When it was suggested by the prosecutor that Lichaa had assaulted Childrehouse, the former teammate said, “I disagree.”

By the end of the day, the prosecutor’s witness, Childerhouse, refused to show and the case against Lichaa fell apart. A witness who claimed to hear Lichaa yell, “I’m going to f–king kill her” was deemed useless over a lack of evidence that it was said in Childerhouse’s presence.

The guy was clearly pissed as he was seeing something a guy shouldn’t have to witness. Of course words come out.

The great news out of this story is that it appears all sides have moved on with life. Some might say Elliott saved Lichaa from making a terrible decision of marrying Childerhouse. It’s one thing to catch your fiancée going to town on your teammate in your backyard and being able to send her ass packing.

It’s another if you went through with a wedding and your wife is out back doing work and about to get half of your rugby contract even though she was in the wrong.

“It’s something I take ownership for. It’s embarrassing. I regret it completely,” Lichaa added, showing incredible growth from this ugly moment in his life.

Michael and Kara in happier times before the backyard sex act:

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