Ron DeSantis Vows Military Action Against Drug Cartels, But Is That Realistically Possible?

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Ron DeSantis plans on taking the fight to the drug cartels if he’s elected President of the United States.

DeSantis, who is arguably the most popular governor in America, is currently polling in the number two spot for the Republican nomination. He trails only former President Donald Trump, who commands a very healthy lead at this time.

DeSantis and several other candidates debated Wednesday night on Fox News, and he made one thing clear:

He will use the might of the United States military to take out the cartels.

Ron DeSantis would use the military against drug cartels. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Ron DeSantis vows military action against the drug cartels.

“Yes, and I will do it on day one. Here’s the thing. The cartels are killing tens of thousands of our fellow citizens…We have to reestablish the rule of law and we have to defend our people,” DeSantis passionately told debate viewers when asked directly if he will use Special Forces to attack the cartels.

The Florida governor further added, “When they’re coming across, yes, we’re going to use lethal force. Yes, we reserve the right to operate. How many more of tens of thousands are we going to let die?…As President, would I use force? Would I treat them as foreign terrorist organizations? You’re darn right I would.”

Is military action realistic?

Using the military to strike the cartels has been an increasingly popular suggestion over the past few years, but there’s disagreement on how realistic it is.

I have spoken privately and publicly with former Tier One operators on this exact subject. Could America really wipe out the cartels?

One former Delta Force operator told me America could “f**king annihilate them,” but his teammate in the exact conversation said a war with the cartels would be tougher than the fight in Iraq.

Will the military be used to strike Mexican drug cartels? (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

What some people don’t realize is that cartels are heavily armed, well-coordinated and have intelligence assets. They also know the terrain they’d be fighting in better than the American military forces sent in after them. Doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Just means it would be very difficult.

What would a potential decapitation strike look like against Mexican drug cartels? This question is impossible to answer, but those with knowledge of what it might look like say it would be a mix of a massive cruise missile strike on headquarter locations, safe houses, weapon stockpiles followed by direct action raids carried out by Tier One operators supported by Army Rangers.

Also, just for clarification. There’s a distinct difference between Special Operations and Special Forces. SF means Green Berets who focus on internal defense training. Special Operations is a larger umbrella, but generally refers to Tier One operations.

Ron DeSantis vows to use the military to combat the drug cartels. (Photo by Scott Nelson/Getty Images)

What I think everyone can agree on is something has to be done about the fentanyl crisis. In DeSantis’ opinion that means possible military action. Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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