‘Romper Stomper’ Tells Her Side Of The Morgan Wallen Porta Potty Brawl

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An absolute internet legend was born during a porta potty brawl at Wednesday night’s Morgan Wallen concert at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. She was affectionately nicknamed the “Romper Stomper” and stole the show during the fight.

A fight between two women standing outside of a porta potty quickly escalated and turned physical. The two ladies end up inside of one of the porta potties after one of the doors opens up in a perfectly timed moment sent from the viral gods.

It’s at this moment that a third woman jumps into the action. Two of the women appear to be ganging up on one before the hero of the hall of fame video enters the brawl. She’s wearing a romper with a pair of white cowboy boots and she’s there for one thing only and that’s to kick ass, which she does with ease.

After the video of the porta potty brawl went viral, the rocket known as the “Romper Stomper” came forward to identify herself. She’s a 21-year-old nursing student by the name of Dalanie DiSabato.

The one woman ass kicking machine didn’t let the porta potty fight put a damper on her night. She enjoyed the show and even included the hashtag Romper Stomper with her footage from the concert.

After outing herself as the brawling blonde from the Morgan Wallen concert she told her side of the story on the BFFs podcast. It turns out that she was actually the cause of the fight.

Delanie cut in front of the woman in the pink top to use the porta potty. The woman who was being confronted by the woman in pink was Delanie’s mother.

Dalanie DiSabato aka the “Romper Stomper” tells her side of the Morgan Wallen porta potty brawl

She turned into the “Romper Stomper” because the ladies were ganging up on her mom. Delanie explained, “I didn’t really realize that I cut in front of this girl. And I walked into the bathroom, and my mom was standing outside of the door, guarding the door, because this girl was pissed. Like, she was mad.”

While in the porta potty handling things, she could hear the start of the fight. When she emerged she noticed that her mom was on the losing end a two-on-one situation and she jumped into action.

Dalanie kicked ass and took names. She said, “I just walked out and saw two girls ganging up on my mom, so I just did what I think any daughter would have done. I just beat the f*ck out of them.”

The most surprising part of the entire thing might be the fact that she’s never been in a fight before. She’s coming in hot throwing haymakers, tossing ladies around, and dropping kicks before slamming doors on a porta potty without any training.

This is the kind of girl you want to have your back when things are going sideways. She’s all instincts and there’s no hesitation.

Our hero isn’t just fading off into the nothingness, Dalanie DiSabato is cashing in on some of her viral fame. Playboy jumped into the mix and sent her an invite to join their exclusive content platform, which she did.

You love to see it. What a time to be alive.

Written by Sean Joseph

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