Roger Federer’s Voice Will Give You Directions On Waze

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If you need a little help getting from A to B let tennis legend Roger Federer help you out.

Navigation app Waze announced that users will be able to select Federer’s voice to give them directions. Better yet, the opportunity gave the 20-time Grand Slam winner a chance to show off his linguistic skills. Users can select Federer in English, French, or German.

The tennis icon — who is “definitely done” with tennis — even busts out some lines like “Make a U-Turn. Hey, even champions can mess up” and “Heavy traffic reported ahead. Let’s treat this like a change-of-ends break. I might even put on a fresh shirt.”

Hilarious… kind of.

I’m a Google Maps guy. I have no idea why, but that’s the navigation app I use the most. Waze, however, is my backup (the Apple Maps app can pound sand, that thing sucks). However one of the things I always dug about Waze was the different voices you could choose from.

My favorite Waze voice ever was Dateline’s Keith Morrison. It was like driving around while he narrated your impending murder. That was fun for about 20 minutes until I ran through all of his lines and missed a turn because I didn’t realize he wouldn’t say the street names.

I haven’t delved into the world of novelty Waze voices ever since. Could Federer get me to get back in the game?


However, it did get me thinking that there are some voices from the world of sports that need the Waze treatment. Shaq has been an option before too, but there are some built for Waze.

I submit for your approval, Patrick Mahomes. His Muppet-like voice would be perfect for like 10-15 minutes of fun before it gets old.

Oh well, for now, Roger Federer’s voice will have to do.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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