Robin DiAngelo Advises People Of Color To Stay Away From White People. Will She Be Canceled Like Scott Adams?

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Robin DiAngelo penned the title “White Fragility,” in which she exudes her white guilt.

She’s now calling on people of color to stay away from white people, warning that whites don’t like them and could hurt them.

DiAngelo made the remarks on Zoom with other so-called anti-racists:

Stay away from people who are a different color than you.

The agitated white lady sounds like a segregationist. She also sounds like Scott Adams.

In February, Adams argued that white people should “get the hell away from black people.” The Dilbert creator made said comments amid a Rasmussen poll that found nearly half of black Americans deemed it “not okay to be white.”

(The reaction to the racist poll finding remains non-existent.)

Adams lost his career over his remarks. Numerous newspapers and distributors ceased association the cartoonist. The press labeled him a vile racist.

Scott Adams will likely never recover from the persecution he received. Dilbert‘s days in the mainstream are over.

Yet here’s DiAngelo offering the exact same advice but in reverse. Adams says white people should stay away from black people. DiAngelo advises the inverse.

A fair-minded folk could not condemn one but not the other. But, unfortunately, the fair-minded don’t control the messaging or the outrage of the country.

Adams’ comments cost him his career. DiAngelo’s comments will elevate hers.

Robin DiAngelo and Scott Adams.

Pushback to DiAngelo is also non-existent. MSNBC, CNN, and the New York Times have not called for her job, demanding she atones immediately.

Likewise, her publisher wouldn’t dare sever ties over her racist commentary. In fact, her books are already littered with racist commentary about white people.

The disparate reaction to Adams and DiAngelo demonstrates the state of the race discussion in the United States.

A negative comment about black people morphs into career suicide, while years of negative pronouncements about white people morphs into great financial gain.

P.S.: no race should purposely avoid another. But we should all avoid racist extremists as half of the Rasmussen respondents revealed themselves to be.

(H/T: Ben Shapiro.)

Written by Bobby Burack

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