Robert Griffin III Exposes Himself As An Idiot With Brett Favre-Davante Adams Comparisons

Failed NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III just wants to fit in with his new colleagues at ESPN. He often shares a set with Ryan Clark. RGIII broadcasts low-level college football games with scumbucket Mark Jones. He hopes to have Mina Kimes share his tweets.

RGIII wants his woke cred. And he has hoped to earn that with his coverage of Brett Favre’s alleged involvement in a Mississippi welfare scheme. Unfortunately for Griffin, he has instead exposed himself as not that bright or savvy. No one takes him seriously.

Wednesday, Griffin tried to defend Davante Adams and Draymond Green for assaulting two men by deflecting attention to Favre. Griffin openly suggested the media is racist for covering Adams and Green committing violence:

You first see Griffin’s 11,000 retweets and assume the woke brethren amplified his race-bait. But that was not the case. Rather, most of the quote-tweets and comments mock Griffin for how desperate and confused he is on the matter.

A good point shall be shared. Some guy called Derek Taylor with a blue check said it best:

RGIII complains that the media is not covering the Favre saga. That take is both lazy and inaccurate. As we documented weeks ago, no sports story has received more coverage than Favre’s possible involvement in a welfare scheme.

The story is everywhere, from ESPN to FS1, from ABC News to CBS News to NBC News. “CBS Morning” did a feature on Favre hours before Griffin called on the media to end their silence.

RGIII must not watch the news he critiques. He appears to be a guy who parrots the talking points around him without much research.

Griffin also accuses the media of caring more about Adams, Green, and Ime Udoka than Favre because they are black. He tweeted the following last month:

“If you are more upset about Ime Udoka and the Celtics situation than Brett Favre STEALING MILLIONS IN WELFARE MONEY FROM THE POOREST PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTRY IN MISSISSIPPI then you are part of the problem.”

This argument falls as flat as Griffin’s NFL career. First, we’ve established the media does not care more about those stories than Favre. A simple Google search would confirm as much.

Second, Adams, Green, and Udoka are all active. So, of course, the coverage of their controversies will attract more debate. Their futures and possible punishments directly affect the outcomes of the NBA and NFL seasons.

Meanwhile, Brett Favre retired over a decade ago. His playing/coaching future is not for debate. He doesn’t have one.

If Favre is guilty, he deserves to face the consequences. And nearly every outlet has said so. What more must be said about Favre than has already been said on nearly every sports and news show?

Even Jemele Hill, the most loathsome race-baiter on the internet, couldn’t support the taking points that Griffin has spread:

When Hill is not down with your racial hysteria, you ought to recalculate.

Finally, there are endless hours of programming and Twitter usage a day. There’s room to cover Favre, Green, Adams, and Udoka. Why must the entire media industry choose? Does Griffin prefer we only talk about Brett Favre?

Based on RGII’s “logic,” the media should ignore all other controversies on account of Favre. Nothing else should matter. Except Lamar Jackson. Griffin often reminds viewers on ESPN that Jackson is black and therefore any criticism of him is racist.

Robert Griffin III fits in at ESPN. Mission accomplished on his part. However, he’s bottom of the barrel in quality.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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