RINO Liz Cheney Defeated In Wyoming Primary: Tomi Lahren’s Final Thoughts

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Tomi Lahren celebrates Liz Cheney’s political funeral after she was WALLOPED in last night’s Wyoming primary. Here are her Final Thoughts:

Today we celebrate the political funeral of our favorite Queen of the RINOs, Liz Cheney, who was defeated in Wyoming’s primary yesterday. And by A LOT!

Was Liz Cheney always a RINO, probably. Did it become overwhelmingly apparent when Donald Trump drained the swamp just enough to see her floating in it. Hell to the YES!


Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick, was elected in 2016 to serve as Wyoming’s lone member of Congress. She isn’t from Wyoming, she is from Madison, Wisconsin and spent her formative years watching her papa Dick start wars and fund the almighty military industrial complex.

Outside of being a Cheney, she hasn’t done much of anything to gain notoriety UNTIL she decided to make it her mission (along with her small herd of RINOs).

To go after Donald Trump and the entire MAGA movement. Bad move, Liz. Bad, move. I guess she’s so used to the perks of nepotism and the rulebook of the swamp she forgot she represents/represented Wyoming- a state Donald Trump won by more than 26 points in the last election.

But the jig is all the way up because she lost her primary yesterday by nearly 64,000 votes to Trump-endorsed candidate Harriet Hageman who is not only an actual conservative but actually from Wyoming.


Speaking of people who are not from Wyoming.. I guess this means Kevin Costner will not be rejoicing today, though his Yellowstone character John Dutton certainly would be.


Listen, I don’t just dislike Liz Cheney for her bitter vendetta and witch hunt against Trump. In fact, I’ll give her the rest of her band of Never Trumpers some credit for at least being honest about it.

Even as a Trump supporter, I don’t blindly defend Trump like he’s some kind of God, savior or messiah. He’s not. But he was a fantastic president who remembered the forgotten Americans — the kind of people that live in Wyoming and I’m not talking about in a two-home during the summer or ski season — real heartland folks, they mattered to Trump.

So here’s the deal, as someone from the neighboring and very similar state of South Dakota, I can tell you that her brand of leadership isn’t a watch for Wyoming, which is why she’s now out of job.

Oh, and speaking of jobs, how is it that Liz entered Congress with an already hefty net worth of about $7 million but is now — as estimated by the Center for Responsive Politics, her net worth possibly grew to $44 million as of 2020.

That’s nearly a 600% increase in just a few years in Congress.

That’s quite the jump for someone who makes $174k a year as a member of Congress…weird stuff Liz…weird stuff. But even after her dismal loss in the primary, there are still plenty of people rumbling about a Cheney 2024 presidential comeback to which I say, LOL and FAT FREAKIN CHANCE!

In her concession speech last night Liz even tried to resurrect herself by comparing
herself to Abe Lincoln of all people.

No Liz, you’re not Abraham Lincoln but you sure do sound like someone else we know….

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