Protester Arrested During Riley Gaines Speech At The University Of Buffalo

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Police weren’t tolerating any shenanigans Thursday night while Riley Gaines was speaking at the University of Buffalo.

Gaines was recently attacked and harassed by a massive mob while speaking at San Francisco State University in support of protecting women’s sports and women’s rights.

At one point, the mob demanded money to let Gaines leave the room she was barricaded in. While the situation at SFSU was terrible, things turned out a little different at the University of Buffalo, according to reports.

Police act quickly during Riley Gaines speech at the University of Buffalo.

Protesters did show up with advanced planning for Gaines’ speech about protecting women’s sports, according to Campus Reform, but the police weren’t playing games.

Deputy Director of Leadership Institute Sofie Salmon had a protester block her camera and shove the lens during the protest. Police immediately made contact with the individual and eventually took them into custody. At one point during the arrest, someone watching seemed to imply the person’s identity becoming public could result in them being murdered.

“University Police arrested a 22-year-old female from Buffalo Thursday evening for harassment and disorderly conduct. The individual has no affiliation [with] UB. She was released with an appearance ticket,” UB’s Vice President for Communications John Della Contrada told Campus Reform.

Campus Reform believes the arrested person might be transgender. Judging from their appearance in the video, it definitely seems like a possibility. You can watch police arrest the person below.

There were also no issues in the area Gaines was giving her speech, according to LI’s Campus Events Coordinator Sarah Clarke. She told Campus Reform, “In the event itself, there were no disruptions,” but noted there were people inside who definitely didn’t agree with Gaines.

“The ones who wanted to be vile were outside,” Clark explained.

Campus Reform also noted Gaines was accompanied by campus police and personal security. It appears the University of Buffalo chose to be proactive with her safety instead of reactive.

That’s almost certainly a lesson learned from what happened at San Francisco State University.

While the mob was allowed to run out of control at San Francisco State University, the police at the University of Buffalo acted quickly and didn’t tolerate unacceptable conduct. Hopefully, that’s the standard at all times with Riley Gaines.

Written by David Hookstead

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