Riley Gaines Testifies Before Congress, Says NCAA Made Locker Rooms Unisex To Accomodate Lia Thomas

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Riley Gaines is a prominent figure in the fight to save women’s sports from being taken over by men. Gaines competed against Lia Thomas, a biological male, as an NCAA swimmer.

On Tuesday, Gaines testified in front of Congress and detailed some of the insane things that female athletes were forced to endure to accomodate Thomas.

Setting aside the fairness of allowing Thomas to compete against women, these women faced far worse conditions than losing a sporting event.

Gaines says that Thomas, with fully intact male genitalia, undressed in front of the women and they had to undress in front of Thomas.

Riley Gaines speaks during a discussion on transgender athletes in women's sports during a National Girls and Women in Sports day event on Capitol Hill. Gaines competed against Lia Thomas in college swimming.
Riley Gaines speaks during a discussion on transgender athletes in women’s sports during a National Girls and Women in Sports day event on Capitol Hill. Gaines competed against male swimmer Lia Thomas in college swimming. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

When Gaines raised this issue with an NCAA official, Gaines says the official told her, “We actually got around [allowing Thomas in the women’s locker room] by making the locker rooms unisex, so it’s not a big deal.”

Gaines says she couldn’t believe that response.

“This meant that any man could have walked into our locker room — not just a self-identifying female — any man, any coach, any parent, any official who wanted to would have had full access [to our locker room],” Gaines said.

She said the NCAA never even told them about this change, thus not allowing them to properly protect themselves.

Riley Gaines exposes ridiculous NCAA accommodations for Lia Thomas

Think about that for a minute. In order to accomodate Thomas, the NCAA changed the women’s locker room into a unisex locker room.

Now, any man can have free access to the women’s locker room … in the name of inclusivity? That’s patently absurd. But it actually gets worse.

Gaines said she spoke to several University of Pennsylvania female swimmers who were teammates with Thomas.

“Lia Thomas’ teammates — who dealt with this every, single day all year — when they expressed their discomfort to their administration … their administration responded back with ‘If you feel uncomfortable seeing male genitalia, here’s some counseling resources you should seek.'”

So a young woman uncomfortable with seeing male genitalia — that she did not ask to see — should seek counseling? Interesting. What happened to consent?

Didn’t #MeToo exist to expose predatory male behavior? Male behavior that included things like showing genitalia to women who did not want to see it?

But now, consent is out the window? Not only that, but the onus is on the woman to seek counseling?

Things have really changed over the past few years.

When does the insanity end?

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  1. The women’s movement is a fraud. Where are they? The trans movement is a left wing ideology so they won’t go against it. They would rather go against someone like Riley Gaines who has conservatives values.

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