Richard Sherman Takes Unnecessary Shot At Russell Wilson

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Former Seattle Seahawks players Richard Sherman and K.J. Wright don’t sound like huge Russell Wilson fans.

The pair both played on the Seahawks for several years and won Super Bowl XLVIII with Wilson under center.

However, the Broncos quarterback was held to a very different standard during his time with the Seahawks, according to the duo.

Richard Sherman and K.J. Wright claim Russell Wilson was held to a different standard in Seattle. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Russell Wilson held to a different standard in Seattle?

“He was not held to the same accountability as the rest of us,” Wright said during the podcast with his former teammate.

Sherman seemed to be in total agreement, and added, “There wasn’t enough years difference for the accountability thing to be like that. Well, ‘He was young.’ Well, he was a year younger than us. Like, he ain’t that young … When you got 52 guys being held to one standard and you got one guy not being held to a standard, it’s going to cause some friction.”

It’s not a secret Richard Sherman isn’t the biggest fan of Russell Wilson on the planet, and following Denver’s week one loss, he appeared to take a subtle jab at the talented QB.

As for why he continues to take shots, I really don’t know. It doesn’t make much sense. At some point, everyone has to move on.

Wilson and Sherman haven’t been teammates for years. Yet, he just loves talking about the future hall of famer.

It also definitely seems like a one-sided feud because you never hear Wilson say anything bad about anyone.

Richard Sherman takes unnecessary shots at Russell Wilson. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

Sherman is really starting to seem like a guy who got dumped and now wants everyone to know he never liked his ex-girlfriend anyways. Just give it a rest and move on. Life is too short to take shots at a former teammate you clearly don’t have any kind of relationship with.

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  1. The legion of boom was ran out out of town because Russell Wilson so he could get paid and become the de facto team leader. He’s never been held accountable for not getting rid of the ball. He’s never gotten an OC promoted they have always been fired.

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