Richard Sherman Isn’t Sold On Matthew Stafford Being A Hall Of Famer Despite Super Bowl Victory

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Following the Rams’ 23-20 victory over the Bengals in Super Bowl LVI Sunday, many feel Matthew Stafford should be getting sized for his eventual gold jacket.

Richard Sherman doesn’t fall into that category, however. While the former “Legion of Boom” member most certainly will be on his way to Canton, he doesn’t think Stafford should join him there.

“I’m gonna talk about it on the podcast but the HOF bar is incredibly low now,” Sherman wrote, via Twitter. “Like a participation trophy. No all decade team. No All pro. No MVP. 1 Pro bowl. Not even MVP of the SB. Never considered the best in any year he played. At least M. Ryan has an MVP.”

Sherman’s rebuttal was in response to former NFL fullback and Sherman teammate Michael Robinson, who said on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football Monday that Stafford had earned his place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“Yes he’s a gold jacket, ABSOLUTELY,” Robinson said. “The ultimate team goal, to win a Lombardi, Matthew Stafford actually has, and he was a huge part of winning this Super Bowl.”

After a career season in 2021 in his first season in Los Angeles, suddenly it feels as if we must look at Stafford’s career through a new lens. By now everyone’s aware of the 12 years preceding this past one — 12 years of attempting to turn around the Lions. All he had to show for it was wasted talent and an 0-3 playoff record.

That’s now a 4-3 playoff record, with his Super Bowl winning toss to Cooper Kupp a defining moment of his career. Stafford is 86-95-1 in his career, throwing for 49,995 yards, 323 touchdowns and 161 interceptions on 63% passing.

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Written by Nick Geddes

Nick Geddes is a 2021 graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. A life-long sports enthusiast, Nick shares a passion for sports writing and is proud to represent OutKick.


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  1. Stafford was a product of his team before the Rams. He had a bunch of scrubs. Same goes for Sherman. Once he left Seattle he did nothing worthy of a HOF career. Career is over and they always gotta say something dumb to try and stay relevant. That Stanford degree sure went to waste it seems.

  2. Neither is correct. IMO he isn’t quite ready for the Hall yet. Given the context of his last team and his numbers he has had a pretty decent career so far. That, plus this great year and a ring put him in the conversation. But he will need a couple more great years and some more playoff wins to get to the Hall.

  3. Sherman is an imbecile. There is one reason why Stafford hasn’t been an MVP: he played for the Lions, duh! Top 12 in yards and TDs all-time, 63% completion percentage. Lots of 4th Q comebacks, even with the Lions. Oh, and the MVP last night had somebody throwing to him. Yeah, he will be a HOF-er. And Sherman has only been as good as the talent around him. So not so much since The Legion faded.

  4. He’s borderline right now, but who said the guy’s done? He’s 33. That’s young for a QB now. We’re creating a controversy out of thin air. He’s got 3-5 more really productive seasons at least in LA. If he has them in the playoffs a couple more times the next few years throwing for 4500+ Yards and 30+ TD he’s a no doubter first ballot HoFer. That’s going to put Stafford approaching 65,000 yards and 450 career TDs. That would put him 5th-6th all time in both categories, which is automatic HOF level. This is dumb.

  5. Stafford is not a Hall of Famer. Putting up a decade of garbage-time numbers while showing no wins for the effort. “But he had no weapons!” Unless you count Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson, Brandon Pettigrew, Reggie Bush, Golden Tate, Anquan Boldin, Marvin Jones, Eric Ebron, Darren Fells, Kenny Golladay, adn Kerryon Johnson. Yep, just a bunch of scrubs that nobody could ever win with.

    I’m happy Stafford won a Super Bowl. But settle down. This is the same Matt Stafford who lost his fair share of games with crippling interceptions and God-awful decision making. Who every Rams fan will tell you that they feared that last drive was more likely to end in a turnover than a game-winning TD.

  6. Stafford should be a Hall of Fame lock for even getting the Lions into the post season 3 times. Overcoming the mismanagement and revolving door that organization has always been is remarkable. For him to finally get to play on a team that has talent in all three phases of the game, you finally get a chance to see what he is capable of. 3 to 5 more years of 10 wins and he will be a lock. This current Rams team has a window of 5 years, barring injuries and retirements. Not to say that they are a dynasty, but they are positioned to have deep runs in the playoffs.

  7. Stafford deserves consideration just because he survived all those crappy Lions teams and still put up numbers. The Lions thought they were trading a problem and found out they were the problem.

    Now the Lions know how Ohio State felt after they sent Burrow packing and watched him win a NATTY in Baton Rouge.

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