Rex Ryan Knows Toes

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The NFL season hinges on Aaron Rodgers’ pinkie toe. This season’s playoffs could depend on it.

Sunday, Rodgers said that his toe injury had worsened following the Packers’ win over the Bears, 45-30.

What does that mean? We can’t say for certain. So we turn to Rex Ryan.

On Get Up Monday, Ryan told Packers fans to stop worrying about Rodgers’ injury. According to Ryan, a toe expert, Rodgers is just fine:

And who are you to question Ryan here? He’s far more aroused by the toe area than you are.

In 2010, Ryan’s wife, Michelle, reportedly posted a sexually-charged video talking about a foot fetish. At the time, Ryan got defensive calling the matter “personal.”

Now, it seems toes are no longer all that personal to Ryan. And that’s a positive.

Nevertheless, like Aaron Rodgers, we wish the Ryan household and their role toe playing the best:

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