Rex Ryan Says Not To Count Out Washington Commanders On Tom Brady, Sean Payton

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Brady Watch ’23 is in full effect, and on Sunday, Rex Ryan threw out what was possibly an otherwise off-the-board possible landing spot for the 45-year-old QB.

The Washington Commanders.

Before you judge, let’s hear him out.

Ryan floated this possibility while on ESPN’s NFL Countdown.

“I’m telling ya, watch the Washington Commanders in this,” he said. He wasn’t off to a strong start with this hypothesis seeing as Randy Moss laughed in his face. But Rex Ryan is resilient and soldiered on with his line of reasoning.

“Randy, this is why I say it could happen: there’s a strong possibility that there’s going to be a change in ownership, and when that happens these owners aren’t tied into that coach,” Ryan said. He alluded to Miami’s attempts to draw both Payton and Brady as a reason for how a package deal like that could work. “When Miami contacted Brady, it was with Sean Payton — it was going to be that marriage of those two.

“So I could possibly see that down the road if he doesn’t sign with the Raiders immediately, I could see this as a possibility.”

The reasoning isn’t completely asinine, but I think Rex Ryan would be the only person not stunned if this is how things played out. Signing Brady wouldn’t be a long-term solution for a team like the Commanders, but maybe he’d work as a stopgap until the team could round up a starter for the long haul.

Although, maybe, as Ryan says, new ownership could court Brady to the Nation’s capital.

Who knows?

Personally, I kind of feel like he’d sooner retire than have to play a full home schedule at FedEx Field.

But that’s just me.

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