Nashville Cops Detail Killing Scumbag School Shooter

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Nashville police heroes Rex Englebert and Michael Collazo have broken their silence on killing transgender killer Audrey Hale.

Hale shot her way into the Covenant School last week carrying three weapons, and killed six people – three children and three adults.

Her horrific rampage came to an end when Englebert fired multiple rounds from a rifle and Collazo came in slinging second with multiple shots from his pistol.

They both displayed extreme bravery and courage ending the threat and saving countless lives.

Rex Englebert opens up about what happened.

Engelbert and Collazo both rushed to the sound of gun fire with a few other officers and reminded Americans what true courage looked like.

They might have been scared, but they didn’t show it. They just went to work and saved innocent children. Now, people have a look into their mindset.

Trans Day of Vengeance will proceed as planned after Nashville massacre. (Credit: Getty Images/Nashville Police)
Nashville police killed transgender Audrey Hale to stop her massacre. (Credit: Getty Images/Nashville Police)

Englebert addressed the press Tuesday and said (via Fox News) in part, “We cleared the hallway we had, room by room, until we made it into the lobby. When I did hear stimulus, I couldn’t get to it fast enough. I just looked for the nearest staircase I could find because I could tell it was above my head. Eventually, following the guidance of other officers, I luckily deployed my rifle, kept walking toward the sound of gunfire. There was, like sergeant said, some smoke in the air. It was very similar to the training we had received.”

Engelbert also revealed he lacked the necessary body armor to face a rifle, but that didn’t slow him down.

Hero Nashville police identified as Rex Englebert and Michael Collazo. They killed Audrey Hale. (Credit: Nashville Police)
Rex Englebert and Michael Collazo stopped transgender mass killer Audrey Hale. (Credit: Nashville Police)

“I definitely wish I had also deployed my rifle caliber rated heavy plates when I found myself at the front of the stack where I found the stimulus or the threat on the second floor of the school,” the hero officer explained.

“Work wasn’t over, we didn’t know if there was another threat. Immediately took teammates I’m not used to working with started clearing rooms, escorting children, teachers along. There were more personnel and resources at this time. I was able to guide them out,” Englebert further added.

Collazo details his account of stopping Audrey Hale.

Michael Collazo entered the school by cutting through a gym after encountering a locked door.

That’s when shots rang out, and he knew it was time to do whatever was necessary to put an end to Hale’s massacre.

“At some point during that time frame, we started hearing the first shots. Once we started hearing the first shots that’s when everything kind of kicked into overdrive for us. We had gone up the stairwell, made our way down the hallway, that’s when I ran into that second victim laid on the ground. We had to push past the victim because we continued to hear more shots being fired. It was very distinctive. You could clear as day tell that rifle rounds were being fired. We came upon a T intersection. Sgt. Mathes was on one side, and I was on the other side. We didn’t know if the shooter was to the left or the right. Smoke was everywhere. The fire alarm was going off. Somewhere right around that point we heard another shot,” Collazo explained.

When he noticed Engelbert was rocking an AR-15 platform rifle, Collazo pushed him to the front so he could engage Hale more effectively.

“So it told us the shooter was to our right. That’s when I made the call and yelled that the shooter was right. And we pushed right and continued down that hallway. Officer Rex had caught up to us. I noticed that Officer Rex had a rifle with an LPVO on it. And not knowing where the shooter was in the distance that we’d possibly encounter, asked Officer Rex to push forward for us, which he did without hesitation. We continued down that path until we encountered the shooter,” the second hero officer explained.

Both Nashville police officers are heroes.

Unlike what America witnessed in Uvalde, police in Nashville did not hesitate to engage someone murdering innocent people.

Collazo, Englebert and a few other officers immediately got into the Covenant School and as soon as they spotted Hale, the now famous duo immediately opened fire.

It’s a pleasant reminder of what heroism looks like. Surrounded by death and carnage and facing possible death themselves, those Nashville cops kept pushing.

On a side note, I’ve talked about Englebert’s shooting with multiple former Tier One operators who have killed lots of people in combat. They were all incredibly impressed. Many said the entire team’s performance was as great as it gets for police. Again, the police in Uvalde didn’t do anything of the sort. They froze and failed. The police in Nashville reminded us all that courage under fire is very real and necessary.

On behalf of people everywhere, thank you to Rex Englebert, Michael Collazo and every other officer who rushed towards gunfire. That’s the spirit that makes America unbeatable.

Written by David Hookstead

David Hookstead is a reporter for OutKick covering a variety of topics with a focus on football and culture.

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