Woke Female Reporter Harasses Pete Rose Over 50-Year-Old Controversy

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A woke female journalist just couldn’t help herself and felt the need to harass 81-year-old Pete Rose during a celebration of the 1980 World Series.

Tomi Lahren has some Final Thoughts:

Yesterday, for the first time since he was banned from Major League Baseball in 1989, Pete Rose returned to the Phillies ballpark to commemorate the team’s 1980 World Series win. Rose has been shrouded in controversy for 50 plus years, certainly and mostly by his own doing.

And I’m not here to excuse his behavior — not for betting on baseball during his playing and managing career and not for his alleged sexual misconduct. But what I will do is call out this bitter, clout chasing and fun-sucking sports journalist for biting at the low hanging fruit and harassing an 81-year-old man on a day meant to celebrate baseball.

For the love of God, can these liberals just leave sports alone for one freakin day, one freakin game, one freakin anything?! Has the man not been through enough public shaming at this point? And on a day that was supposed to be a celebration, a commemoration of baseball, athleticism and victory this nasty woman had to turn it political.

Never-mind Pete Rose was welcomed back to the Philly ballpark with cheers and a standing ovation from the majority of Phillies fans, never-mind the day had absolutely nothing to do with politics, allegations or interrogations, now every damn article about the day is splashed with a headline about Pete Rose’s alleged inappropriate behavior from over 50 years ago.

Former Philadelphia Phillies player Pete Rose acknowledges the crowd prior to the game against the Washington Nationals at Citizens Bank Park on August 7, 2022, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Phillies defeated the Nationals 13-1.
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Alex Coffey, I get that you’re a female sports journalist so this kind of thing is your schtick but really? You just couldn’t help yourself, could you? You had to make this man, that city’s, and that team’s celebration day about YOU! Boy if you’re this outraged about decades-old allegations, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Deshaun Watson who has been accused and has 25 allegations — RECENTLY LIKE
NOT 55 YEARS AGO — of sexual assault and got a measly 6-game suspension?

Or better yet, you want to hold an old man accountable for inappropriate behavior, go harass our illustrious former President Bill Clinton or current girl-sniffing POTUS Joe Brandon. If accountability is what you seek, there’s plenty of it in politics and sports you can stick your self-indulgent nose into before ruining Pete Rose’s big day. Yesterday might have been the closest you’ll ever get to a Barbara Walters moment, but you didn’t need to go there. Not at that time, in that place.

Liberals, and more specifically liberal sports writers…they suck the fun and the SPORTS out of SPORTS!

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