Report: Tom Brady Done With Models

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It’s the end of an era: Tom Brady has reportedly decided to swear off models for good.

Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.

According to Radar Online, Brady’s divorce from Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen has left a bad taste in his mouth. So bad in fact, he has sworn off getting into a relationship with any woman in that line of work.

That’s a stunning about-face for a dude that had models practically launching themselves at him. However, according to Radar Online’s source, there’s a reason.

You see, being one of the biggest names in the modeling industry, Bündchen has a lot of friends who are also models.

“After Gisele, Tom is done with models,” the mystery source said.”Gisele still knows everyone in the modeling industry, and the last thing he needs is his ex-wife involved in his future love life.”

Radar Online also reported that the GOAT is looking for “a conservative, traditional” woman.

Brady’s Alleged Swearing Off Of Models Makes Sense

I get that. If you’re ex works at a restaurant you won’t want to go to that place for a bite to eat even if she’s not working. That’s because all of her gossipy co-workers will report back to her about how your life is so rough since the break up that they saw you housing several baskets of mozzarella sticks on your own.

Tom doesn’t want to go back to that restaurant, and by restaurant I mean the entire modeling industry.

I do wonder if he could get away with some lower-tier models. Supermodels may be out, but let’s not discount the likes of hand models, trade show models, or women who pose on bottles of various laxatives. Those are all still models. Technically.

For the common man, swearing off models is easy, It’s like saying, “That’s it, I’m not going to sail on yachts anymore.” It’s easy to quit something you never started.

I just wonder if our guy Tom will get bored in retirement and perhaps dip his toe back in the model waters once more.

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