Report Suggests Jeff Bezos Could Sell The Washington Post To Buy The Washington Commanders

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Rumors have been swirling about Jeff Bezos potentially buying the Washington Commanders for quite some time now, but a recent report from the New York Post suggests that rumor may in fact be a reality sooner rather than later.

Bezos – who has a net worth well north of $100 billion – could be looking to sell the Washington Post in order to make way for the purchase of the Commanders. The New York Post notes that the chatter about the potential selling of the paper comes after last month’s leaked video showing publisher Fred Ryan disclosing layoff plans.

Dan Snyder selling the Commanders?
Dan Snyder has been the owner of the Washington Commanders since 1999. (Getty Images)

The biggest hurdle standing in Bezos’ way of purchasing the NFL is the franchise’s current owner, Dan Snyder. The Washington Post, which Bezos purchased for $250 million in 2013, has published countless negative stories about Snyder’s alleged toxic management and sexual harassment.

While the consensus is that Snyder doesn’t want to sell to Bezos, Front Office Sports is reporting that isn’t exactly the case.

Bank of America, hired by Snyder to auction the team, has been “courting” Bezos despite indications that he doesn’t want to sell to the Amazon founder.

The unnamed source that the New York Post cites in its report stated that Bezos has not hired an investment bank to sell the Washington Post nor has he made it clear he’s looking to sell the newspaper. A spokesperson for the Wall Street Journal – which also owns The NY Post – stated that The Washington Post is not for sale.

According to a Forbes report in August 2022, the Washington Commanders are worth $5.6 billion which makes them the sixth most valuable franchise in the NFL.

Written by Mark Harris

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