Report Shows Google Funded Wuhan Institute Of Virology’s Top Research Partner

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A new report revealed that Google and the USAID funded Wuhan collaborator Peter Daszak’s virus experiments for more than a decade, lending credence to the theory that big tech has been determined to silence the debate on COVID-19 origins.

The National Pulse reported that Google has financial ties to Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, “a controversial group that has openly collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology on ‘killer’ bat coronavirus research.”

Daszak served on what The National Pulse referred to as the World Health Organization’s “wildly compromised” COVID investigation team and that he “championed efforts” to debunk the lab origin theory of the virus, despite rising support for the claims.

“EcoHealth Alliance also funneled hundreds of thousands of U.S. taxpayer dollars from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to its research partner, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, to conduct studies on ‘killer’ bat coronaviruses,” The National Pulse wrote. “And, the charity arm of the tech behemoth, has also been funding studies carried out by EcoHealth alliance researchers including Peter Daszak since at least 2010.”

Per the report, the decade-long relationship became evident in a 2010 study on bat-borne viruses. It lists Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance Vice President Jonathan Epstein as authors — and thanks for funding.

“A 2014 study on henipavirus spillover, which was authored by Daszak, similarly declares it was partly “supported by,” the Pulse revealed.

Another study, conducted in 2018, seems to set up the theory that “SARS-like coronaviruses could originate in a wet market in a province close to the city of Wuhan — the likely epicenter of COVID-19,” the Pulse wrote. “The paper also highlights how SARS has ’emerged in humans and other mammals in wet markets.'”

In other words, these studies, helped paid for by Google, show why big tech may want to keep the discussion of the virus origins off their platforms.

Written by Sam Amico

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  1. The likelihood of such ‘news’ isn’t a surprise for most of us.
    China, Big Tech, the SWAMP decided that no matter how obviously criminal, they would prevent another four years of Trump.
    The surprise for me is that such news is actually finding the light of day – some mainstream recognition, albeit very quiet at this point…

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