Report: NFL Players May Display Names Of Those Killed By Police On Helmet Padding

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The NFL will continue its social justice pivot led by commissioner Roger Goodell and will allow players freedom rarely seen out of the league office when it comes to making statements on jerseys. This freedom will come in the form of names on the padding of their helmets.

“Per a source with knowledge of the situation, players may display the names of victims of police violence and/or systemic racism on the padding along the bottom of the backs of their helmets,” Mike Florio reported this weekend.

The area of the helmet that will be used is where you see Falcons. Florio reports the names will come from an approved list of available names. There’s no word which names will appear on that list or who will decide which names will be available for the players to choose from.

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Roger Goodell has spent his time during training camp on a social justice awakening campaign. He’s met with Patrick Mahomes to talk about the subject and Goodell recently said he should have “listened earlier” to Colin Kaepernick.

“Well, the first thing I’d say is I wished we had listened earlier to Kaep, to what you were kneeling about and what you were trying to bring attention to,” Goodell said during an interview with FS1’s Emmanuel Acho.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Guys in the NFL….do what you want, but know this. It will turn fans off and many of the incidents are based on factors that led to escalating circumstances. Not racism or targeting. I’m done with the NFL. Completely done

  2. Isn’t this the same NFL that fined Brandon Marshall for wearing cleats referencing bipolar disorder? Maybe I’m ‘misremembering’.

    If they won’t let people put the names of people killed by BLM supporting thugs like we saw in Portland the other night, or police killed in the lime of duty by criminals (and I know they won’t) then fuck em.

  3. I dont think it would matter if they allowed the names of fallen officers or murdered children (mostly black children) killed by black men. I think the majority of players would be vilified by their teammates and league. Drew Beees was practically labeled a racist for expressing his beliefs about standing for the National Anthem. He and his wife learned real quick about getting on one’s knees when told to do so. Now, they’re basically starting their own BLM chapter. It’s the police who are the problem in this country? Wtf is going on?! And they expect reasonable, law abiding American citizens to somehow buy into this bull shit? Wont do it. I think as a fan, you’re either all in or all out at this point. I don’t see how u can watch or support these leagues, teams and players and not, at a minimum, implicitly support this movement and false narrative that America is a racist country. President Trump and his supporters are racist, and police are bad and racist. It’s sickening. I dont think anyone on this forum would watch or support theses leagues if they condoned, supported or praised a white supremacist political group who was seeking the overthrowing of the United States and vilifying all blacks who did not get on their knees and pledge allegiance to their white supremacist movement.

    • I think police should refuse to protect them at the stadiums and on their buses traveling to the stadiums. See real quick how much BLM folks like megarich athletes. I’m willing to guess it’s as much as they like every other megarich demographic.

  4. Well it is known as the National Felon League have at it boys another reason not to watch and cancel my NFL cable package which i have done already anyway.

  5. NFL just like all sports ball, won’t be missed when they run themselves under with this crap. Yes, I know in the end the professional sports leagues aren’t going away, but they’re going to sustain massive blows from this and change the landscape of them, it’s just a matter of if they learn from it or not.

  6. Adrian Peterson says he will be kneeling……so the guy with 7 kids by 5 different women supposedly cares about black lives??? Give me a break! Since the NBA and MLB came back, I haven’t watched a second of it, and I haven’t missed it. And after the NHL participated in this ridiculous “boycott” by not playing games for a couple days, I stopped watching that as well. And I found, that over the weekend, I was doing plenty of other activities, and I didn’t miss not staying in and watching the NHL.

    If the NFL goes down this path, then I also will not be watching and there’s plenty of other things I’m looking forward to do on Sundays. I was a die hard sports fan, but I’m finding more and more, that my life is going along just fine without it.

  7. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the Chiefs are going to have limited number of fans in the stands (think I read 18,000 or 20,000) next Thursday night against the Texans. Cant wait for the reaction of the players (and their bootlickers in the sports media) when and if they get mercilessly booed during the pre-game BLM rally.

    • They’ll be hoisted by their own petard allowing fans in to witness that garbage. Maybe a few months ago there were enough uninformed/stupid people who would ‘stand with’ the kneelers [lol?] because of BLM. But now that the mask has been taken off in the weeks after and more people are aware of just what BLM is, yeah I’m betting on boos.

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