Report: Liberal Media Slammed For ‘Taking The Bait’ On Fake Ivermectin Overdose News

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Many mainstream media figures and outlets appear to have been fooled by a false story that some Oklahoma hospitals were overwhelmed with patients having overdosed on the drug Ivermectin.

The parasite-fighting medication can also be sold over the counter as a veterinary drug, and Oklahoma’s KFOR-TV news first published a story quoting testimony from Dr. Jason McElyea claiming that hospitals in a rural part of Oklahoma were being overrun with patients overdosing on the drug causing gunshot victims to have to wait to be treated. 

Rolling Stone cited Oklahoma’s News 4, and ran with it.

McElyea told KFOR the overdoses are causing backlogs in rural hospitals, leaving both beds and ambulance services scarce.

Screenshot of KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4 website.

“The ERs are so backed up that gunshot victims were having hard times getting to facilities where they can get definitive care and be treated,” McElyea said.

Fox News reports it was later deemed false after the Northeastern Hospital System denied any patients were treated for overdoses from the drug and that McElyea hadn’t actually worked at one of the hospitals in question for two months.

But journalist Drew Holden kept the receipts and pointed to liberal media figures like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and podcast host Brian Tyler Cohen, and many others as those spreading the misinformation, and questioned why they didn’t look further into the story.

He also called out a number of media outlets for spreading the misinformation, including Business Insider, The Guardian, and the Daily Mail.

“I just really don’t understand why seemingly real news outlets … didn’t bother to even look into this story before they pushed this narrative?” Holden wrote. “Didn’t it sound odd? Wasn’t it worth investigating? Maybe a single phone call?”

Corrections to the story have yet to be made by some of the outlets and individuals, however, Rolling Stone issued an “update” over the weekend, noting the hospital system’s denial of the story, Fox News reports.

The FDA and CDC have warned against the use of Ivermectin to treat the coronavirus, issuing a statement cautioning it is not an approved drug for the treatment or prevention of the virus. 

Written by Megan Turner

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  1. Of course the CDC and FDA are cautioning against, except their blatant and will ignorance of Ivermecten precludes them from having an opinion. There are many studies on it and India used to crush the Indian Variant(what the wokesters call the Delta Variant) in all but once province who listened to a WHO “doctor” who cautioned against it. Indian officials are now charging her with a felony which will most likely land her in prison.

    The CDC and FDA are corrupt and political. Not a good combination for making medical treatment recommendations.

  2. How is this any different from what the MSM does every day? They have few credible sources, and mostly just make shit up. Maybe that’s why no one watches other than their family and Don Lemon’s boyfriend.

  3. I’m sooooo tired of these news “people” talking about COVID and what works and what doesn’t. I’m an ICU nurse and see COVID patients every damn day. When is the last time that Fauci has actually seen a patient. Over 90% of COVId that I see are obese people that are non-vaccinated, non compliant with their diabetic medication or hypertension medication. These are 3 things that people can and/or should “fix”. And if you choose not to get vaccinated that’s your choice but fix the other things. I’m not pro or anti vaccine, I’m about people making their own educated choice for themselves and their own medical situation. But these fools talking about COVID when they have not spent one second in an ICU wing should shut the hell up

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