Report: Big Ten Will Change 6-Game Requirement After All

The Big Ten may change the rule requiring teams to play at least 6 games before they can be eligible for the conference championship game. After back-and-forth reports on the situation over the last few days, it looks like No. 4 Ohio State will have an opportunity to compete after all.

According to a tweet from Adam Rittenberg at ESPN, the only thing standing in the way of final approval is a vote from athletic directors, SWAs and presidents/chancellors — and that vote is a formality, at this point.

Obviously, this is massive news because it gives the Buckeyes a chance to improve their resume before the College Football Playoff committee selects its four teams.

As it sits, Ohio State will likely play Northwestern on Dec. 19 — as long as that final vote does, in fact, change the rule.

Some may be frustrated with the Big Ten’s decision to overturn the six-game requirement, and that is understandable. It was certainly done to accommodate one team, the Buckeyes. A non-playoff contender would probably not have been accommodated.

But it was a terrible rule in the first place, especially when you consider the 21-day quarantine requirement for players and coaches testing positive for COVID-19. Ohio State didn’t stand a chance with that rule in place.

And if we are being honest, the Buckeyes should absolutely be in the conversation about the top teams in the country. Are they? We don’t know, but it looks like we may get to find out.

It’s not a guarantee that a 6-0 Buckeyes squad gets in the playoff, but this news certainly helps.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. It’s almost a guarantee the Buckeyes will get in to the CFP. The committee has always ruled favorably for them since the CFP began and I don’t see that changing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re definitely one of the best 4 teams in contention but I find it hard to slide them in on a 6-0 record when everyone else has played a full slate. It’s not their fault the Big 10 shit the bed but that conference needs to held accountable for its incompetence. SEC, ACC, and the Big 12 all committed to making this season happen and built in extra weeks for rescheduling while the Big 10 packed it in for the season and tried to spearhead a cancellation of the 2020 season. Of course the PAC 12 followed suit.

    What we all want to see is Ohio State vs Texas A&M but not likely to happen. If Ohio State beat A&M and then NW in the Big 10 Championship Game then I would have no problem with the selection. Barring an unlikely loss to a lesser NW team, Clemson would have to beat ND in a close game and UF would have to win against Bama. However, UF will lose to Bama and it’s going to be 1) Bama 2) Clemson 3) Ohio State 4) ND

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